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Découvrez Africa-Newsroom.com, la nouvelle plate-forme de distribution de communiqués de presse liés à l’Afrique

Créée en 2007, APO-Source, la première base de données de communiqués de presse liés à l’Afrique sera supprimé à la fin de l’année

Nous vous invitons dés maintenant à découvrir Africa-Newsroom.com, la nouvelle plate-forme de distribution de communiqués de presse liés à l’Afrique.

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La Zone de libre-échange continentale africaine (ZLEC) constitue une étape majeure pour l’Afrique. D’autant que les conclusions préliminaires de l’Indice de l’intégration régionale africaine 2019, publié samedi 23 mars à la Conférence des ministres qui se déroule au Maroc, indiquent que l’intégration régionale en Afrique demeure faible. L’indice a été créé pour évaluer… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/regional-integration-remains-low-according-to-african-regional-integration-index-ari?lang=fr

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) marks a momentous milestone for Africa but preliminary findings of the upcoming 2019 African Regional Integration Index, released at the on-going Conference of Ministers in Morocco on Saturday, indicate that regional integration in Africa remains low. The Index, known as ARII, was set up to monitor and evaluate the status of economic integration among… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/regional-integration-remains-low-according-to-african-regional-integration-index-ari?lang=en

L’Afrique doit numériser ses économies, élargir sa base fiscale, empêcher la détérioration de ses recettes fiscales et l’augmentation de sa dette, et viser un taux de croissance à deux chiffres pour atteindre les Objectifs de développement durable de l’ONU d’ici à 2030, ainsi que les objectifs de l’Agenda 2063 de l’ONU, selon le Rapport économique sur l’Afrique 2019, publié… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/tax-reform-digitisation-key-to-financing-development?lang=fr

Africa must digitise its economies, broaden its tax base, prevent further deterioration of fiscal and debt positions, and aim for double-digit growth to achieve the UN 2030 global goals (SDGs), and the AU Agenda 2063 according to the 2019 Economic Report on Africa released today at the Conference of Ministers. This year’s Economic Report on Africa, a flagship publication of the United Nations Economic… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/tax-reform-digitisation-key-to-financing-development?lang=en

Posted by: APO | 24 March 2019

Kwese Sevens: Cheetahs Reign On Day One

Zimbabwe’s senior men’s and women’s sides entertained home fans with convincing wins to top both their groups at the end of day one of the Kwese Sevens Tournament on the Machinery Exchange Stadium at Harare Sports Club Zambezi Cheetahs were the sauce of the day with a brilliant 36-12 victory over Zambia to finish on top of Group A which see them facing Malawi in Sunday’s quarter-final. This… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/kwese-sevens-cheetahs-reign-on-day-one?lang=en

The world needs to step up support for the survivors of Tropical Cyclone Idai, the UN Secretary-General said on Friday, in a strong personal appeal as relief workers rush to provide aid to people stranded across the storm countries in southern Africa. Describing how we was “[deeply saddened](https://www.un.org/sg/en/content/sg/statement/2019-03-22/secretary-generals-statement-cyclone-idai) by the… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/un-chief-calls-for-far-greater-support-for-cyclone-idai-response?lang=en

Fatmata Sesay was 15 years old when she became pregnant. Her parents forced her to move in with her boyfriend, who was neither in school nor employed. Moving in with him felt like an underage marriage, she says. To make matters even more difficult, childcare responsibilities meant Fatmata was unable to continue schooling. She dropped out for more than two years. “It was a situation I found difficult… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/a-guiding-hand-school-counsellors-in-sierra-leone-address-early-pregnancy-child-marriage?lang=en

The Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), speaking at the end of a visit to Beira, Mozambique and surrounding areas, said: “The scale and scope of suffering and damage is breath taking. Hundreds of thousands of people have been impacted in some way. We must respond fast and at scale, and prepare to accompany the affected populations on… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/mozambique-tens-of-thousands-of-families-have-lost-everything?lang=en

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has responded to the deadly Cyclone Idai, which has taken over 500 lives across Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi. “A week after the cyclone we’re starting to grasp the scope and complexity of the challenges facing the governments and peoples of these three nations,” said Mohammed Abdiker, Director of IOM’s Department of Operations and Emergencies.… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/international-organization-for-migration-iom-responds-to-devastating-cyclone-idai-with-shelter-materials-and-more?lang=en

This week (20-21/03) the International Organization for Migration (IOM) donated information technology equipment to the Government of Burundi to improve humanitarian border management (HBM) involving significant migratory flows between Burundi and Tanzania. IOM also rehabilitated electrical systems at Mugina and Gisuru border posts, in Makamba and Ruyigi provinces respectively, The donated equipment… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/humanitarian-border-management-between-burundi-tanzania-bolstered-by-technology?lang=en

Africa Climate Week formally closed today, concluding a five-day programme of events in Accra – all of which have been hosted by the Government of the Republic of Ghana in the city’s International Conference Center. At the summary event, speakers presented key takeaways to Ambassador Luis Alfonso de Alba, UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for this year’s Climate Action Summit, who will… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/african-policymakers-highlight-opportunities-of-national-climate-plans?lang=en

Alors que les changements climatiques et la croissance démographique exercent une pression de plus en plus forte sur des ressources en eau limitées, la FAO exhorte les pays à redoubler d’efforts pour assurer une utilisation plus rationnelle des ressources en eau et pour garantir une eau propre et accessible à tous. Sécuriser l’accès à l’eau à travers le monde est un élément essentiel… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/access-to-safe-water-for-all-is-key-to-sustainable-development?lang=fr

With climate change and population growth putting increasing pressure on finite water resources, FAO is urging countries to step up efforts to increase water efficiency and provide access to safe water for all. Ensuring global water security is fundamental to achieve [Zero Hunger](http://www.fao.org/sustainable-development-goals/goals/goal-2/en/) and [the Sustainable Development Goals](http://www.fao.org/sustainable-development-goals/en/),… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/access-to-safe-water-for-all-is-key-to-sustainable-development?lang=en

The UK is due to send forklift trucks and other equipment to help quickly unload aid from planes and cut the time it takes to get relief items to those in need, International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt announced today (22 March). The flight, which is scheduled to leave from Doncaster-Sheffield airport for Maputo on Sunday (24 March), is in addition to a flight containing over 7,500 shelter… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/uk-aid-cyclone-idai-response-additional-flight-to-leave-for-mozambique?lang=en

Abba Wollow left The Gambia in 2016 with hopes of reaching Europe. “I left The Gambia because the small garage I was working on was not enough to support my family,” he explained. “I left to find something better for them.” Instead his journey ended in Libya, where he stayed for two years, in and out of prison. “When I came back, I was still finding ways to support my family,” he said… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/private-sector-joins-iom-to-enhance-skills-of-gambian-returnees?lang=en

A pedido da Republica de Moçambique, o [Mecanismo de Proteção Civil da União Europeia](https://ec.europa.eu/echo/what/civil-protection/mechanism_en) foi acionado para prestar assistência aos afetados pelo impacto devastador do Ciclone Idai. Declaração do Comissário responsável pela Ajuda Humanitária e Gestão de Crises, Christos Stylianides: “Moçambique não está sozinho nestes tempos… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/uniao-europeia-disponibiliza-apoio-suplementar-a-mocambique-no-seguimento-do-ciclone-idai?lang=pt

L’Agence Française de Développement et l’Union des Meck ont signé ce mercredi 20 mars une convention de crédit dans le cadre du Programme d’Appui au Financement du Secteur Productif. Cette initiative, initiée en 2017, traduit l’engagement renouvelé de la coopération française aux côtés des institutions financières de l’Union des Comores. C’est au Retaj qu’a eu lieu, le mercredi… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/signature-dune-nouvelle-convention-de-credit-en-soutien-au-secteur-productif-comorien?lang=fr

Dans le cadre de la 5e édition de « Goût de France » qui se tient du 21 au 24 mars, Mme Véronique Brumeaux, Ambassadrice de France et les managers des restaurants partenaires au Bénin ont rencontré la presse ce mardi 19 mars. Ils sont revenus sur le sens et la portée de cette opération qui rassemble autour d’une gastronomie française inspirée des terroirs et de la Provence, 5000 chefs… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/-gout-de-france–2019–le-benin-y-participe-?lang=fr

The annual Economic Commission for Africa Conference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development – COM2019 (www.UNECA.org/CFM2019) – kicked off in Marrakesh on Wednesday, with emphasis on the importance of digitalisation in enhancing African economies as the continent celebrates the first anniversary of the highly hailed and historic signing of the Africa Continental Free Trade… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/policy-trade-and-the-private-sector-in-the-digital-era-to-dominate-debate-as-conference-of-african-ministers-kicks-off-in-marrakesh?lang=en

La Conférence annuelle des ministres africains des Finances, de la Planification et du Développement économique de la CEA (Commission économique pour l’Afrique) – COM2019 (www.UNECA.org/cfm2019) – a débuté mercredi 20 mars à Marrakech. Elle met l’accent sur l’importance de la numérisation pour développer les économies africaines alors que le continent fête le premier anniversaire… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/policy-trade-and-the-private-sector-in-the-digital-era-to-dominate-debate-as-conference-of-african-ministers-kicks-off-in-marrakesh?lang=fr

Marriott Hotels ([www.MarriottHotels.com](http://www.marriotthotels.com/)) in partnership with TED, hosted its first TED Fellows Salon in Cape Town, South Africa, sparking conversations around Africa’s beauty, rich heritage and innovative spirit. Held at the Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers, renowned TED Fellows, Kenyan musician Bill Sellanga and South African conservation biologist Steve… Read more on https://marriott.africa-newsroom.com/press/marriott-hotels-brings-ted-fellows-salon-to-the-mother-city-inspiring-vibrant-innovation?lang=en

La réalisation des objectifs de développement et de croissance agricoles durables en Afrique passera par l’augmentation du nombre d’agriculteurs ayant un accès rapide aux engrais à des prix abordables. C’est la conclusion des opérateurs et experts agricoles présents au 7ème Conseil d’administration du Mécanisme africain de financement du développement des engrais (MAFDE), qui s’est… Read more on https://afdb.africa-newsroom.com/press/lacces-rapide-aux-engrais-a-un-cout-abordable-cle-dun-developpement-agricole-durable-en-afrique?lang=fr

La Fondation Merck ([www.Merck-Foundation.com](http://www.merck-foundation.com/)) a lancé ses programmes en partenariat avec La Première Dame du Burundi, le Ministère de la Santé et le Gouvernement du Burundi ; La Fondation Merck a remis un prix à La Première Dame du Burundi pour ses efforts en tant qu’Ambassadrice de « Merck More Than a Mother » La Fondation Merck, la branche philanthropique… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/merck-foundation-meets-the-president-and-the-first-lady-of-burundi-to-launch-their-programs-in-the-country?lang=fr

Merck Foundation ([www.Merck-Foundation.com](http://www.merck-foundation.com/)) launched their programs in partnership with Burundi’s First Lady together with Ministry of Health and Government of Burundi; Merck Foundation awarded the First Lady of Burundi to acknowledge her efforts as “Merck More Than a Mother” Ambassador. Merck Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Merck KGaA Germany underscored… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/merck-foundation-meets-the-president-and-the-first-lady-of-burundi-to-launch-their-programs-in-the-country?lang=en

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