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APO-Source, the first database of press releases related to Africa will be discontinued at the end of the year after 8 years of operation

Starting today, we invite you to visit, APO’s new press release distribution platform dedicated to Africa. is available in four languages (English, French, Arabic and Portuguese), each with its own Twitter feed. It features a powerful internal search engine allowing you to search press releases per country, industry, subject, and publication time. You are also able to search for multimedia content specifically.

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Découvrez, la nouvelle plate-forme de distribution de communiqués de presse liés à l’Afrique

Créée en 2007, APO-Source, la première base de données de communiqués de presse liés à l’Afrique sera supprimé à la fin de l’année

Nous vous invitons dés maintenant à découvrir, la nouvelle plate-forme de distribution de communiqués de presse liés à l’Afrique. est disponible en quatre langues (anglais, français, arabe et portugais), chacune avec son propre compte Twitter. Le site dispose également d’un puissant moteur de recherche interne vous permettant de rechercher des communiqués de presse par pays, par secteur d’activité, sujet, date de publication. Vous pouvez également rechercher spécifiquement du contenu multimédia.

Les journalistes seront en mesure de copier, partager, télécharger, intégrer (embed), créer des flux RSS personnalisés, créer des alertes email personnalisées, créer des FTP personnalisés, créer des widgets personnalisés, et de prendre le contenu pour l’intégrer sur d’autres sites Web.

Les journalistes sont encouragés à créer un profil sur pour accéder à encore plus de fonctionnalités, dont des paramètres de personnalisation avancés, la personnalisation de la page d’accueil et des flux de communiqués de presse, et plus encore.

Company Name: Lafarge Africa Plc. ( Company Symbol: WAPCO [WAPCO]>> Company Report Lafarge Africa Plc Unaudited Financial Statements for the Period Ended 31 March 2017 YTD March 2017 YTD March 2016 N’000 N’000 Turnover 81,310,510 52,420,896 Cost of Sales (60,416,218) (44,640,480) Profit before Tax 9,446,052 (2,215,662) Taxation (4,284,966) 342,664 Profit after Tax 5,161,086 (1,872,998)… Read more on

Cold, Snow, Freeze! A night at Next Door in Masaki, Dar es Salaam, that will go down in history as an African first, treated guests to a frosty musical announcement. The Castle Lite team revealed that Castle Lite ([]( brings the Extra Cold Unlocks Experience to Tanzania for the first time ever, putting the country in an instant frenzy! The room was… Read more on

Posted by: APO | 24 April 2017

Castle Lite Unlocks Future in Tanzania

Cold, Snow, Freeze! A night at Next Door in Masaki, Dar es Salaam, that will go down in history as an African first, treated guests to a frosty musical announcement. The Castle Lite team revealed that Castle Lite ([]( brings the Extra Cold Unlocks Experience to Tanzania for the first time ever, putting the country in an instant frenzy! The room was… Read more on

Le Vice-Premier Ministre et Ministre de la Coopération au Développement Alexander De Croo se rend cette semaine au Bénin et au Sénégal pour une visite de travail de quatre jours. Il est accompagné de Goedele Liekens et Axelle Red, toutes deux actives en qualité d’ambassadrices de bonne volonté des Nations Unies. La visite de travail de quatre jours s’insère dans le cadre de l’initiative She… Read more on

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation Alexander De Croo this week brings a four-day working visit to Benin and Senegal. He will be accompanied by Goedele Liekens and Axelle Red, both active as Goodwill Ambassadors for the United Nations. The four-day visit fits in with the initiative ‘She Decides’, which focuses on the reinforcement of rights for girls and women, and in particular… Read more on

The IMF welcomes Germany’s commitment to strengthening its collaboration with the IMF on capacity development. Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s Federal Minister of Finance and Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), today signed a Letter of Understanding whereby the German Ministry of Finance will provide €15 million in support of the IMF’s capacity development… Read more on

Posted by: APO | 24 April 2017

Hilton powers GCC hotel expansion

– STR data[1] shows Hilton has largest active pipeline in the GCC with 16,000+ rooms – Hilton has the most rooms under construction in four of six Gulf markets Hilton ([]( CEO Chris Nassetta will be heading to the Arabian Hotel International Conference in Dubai this year, underlining the importance of the region to his company’s ambitious expansion plans. Following… Read more on

World-class education is fundamental for the development of a nation and the best investment in its future. The UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda therefore emphasizes the development of a first-rate education system, which among other things will require modern and efficient teaching methods. A prerequisite for this is continuous professional development of teachers, equipping them with up-to-date knowledge… Read more on

GROHE (, a world leading German brand in sanitary fittings is commemorating on April 22nd, World Earth Day ( through its commitment to innovative design with a strong focus on sustainability. In keeping with this year’s theme for Earth Day: environmental and climate literacy, GROHE has provided key tips for saving water, especially in Africa. Statistics published… Read more on

The United Nations refugee agency is shipping tents, mosquito nets and other essential relief items to Angola, where some 9,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have fled this month alone. “Refugees reported fleeing [attacks from militia groups](, who are… Read more on

Posted by: APO | 21 April 2017

Commonwealth Secretary-General to visit Lesotho

Secretary-General Patricia Scotland will meet with political leaders in Lesotho to reaffirm the Commonwealth’s support to the country ahead of general elections on 3 June. Her visit from 24 -27 April is part of the Commonwealth’s long-standing engagement with Lesotho. Assistance to the country has included support with the development of Lesotho’s parliamentary governance, observation of elections,… Read more on

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today air-lifted life-saving food supplies to drought-stricken Somalia for the most vulnerable people, particularly children, who are displaced from their homes and have no access to food or cooking facilities. A Boeing 747, donated by UPS Foundation, arrived in Mogadishu from Dubai this morning carrying 47 metric tons of high-energy biscuits (HEBs) –… Read more on

Près de 1.300 militaires en provenance des Etats Unis, Allemagne, Canada, Espagne, France, Mali, Mauritanie, Royaume Uni, Sénégal, et Tunisie se déplaceront vers plusieurs régions du Royaume du Maroc pour prendre part à l’AL17. « Nous sommes enthousiastes à l’idée d’organiser des formations conjointement avec nos partenaires marocains. African Lion nous permet d’améliorer nos capacités… Read more on

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mario Giro, accompanied by Italian Ambassador Samuela Isopi, will be on mission in Chad from 18 to 21 April. In the course of the visit, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Giro met with the President of Chad, Idriss Déby and with Foreign Minister Hissein Brahim Taha, highlighting the fact that Chad needs international support in order… Read more on

The British Embassy in Addis Ababa marked Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 91st birthday on 18 April 2017. The celebration was attended by high level government and military officials, the diplomatic community and friends of the British Embassy. The event was colourfully celebrated with special guest Lemn Sisay – the celebrated British poet, who has Ethiopian heritage as well as various activities… Read more on

Company Name: Cornerstone Insurance Company Plc. ( Company Symbol: CORNERST [CONERST]>> Company Report 2016 Market Summary Audited Financial Statement for Year Ended 31 December, 2016 FY 2016 FY 2015 N’000 N’000 Revenue 9,190,675 7,331,632 Profit before Tax (1,264,660) 1,843,054 Taxation (470,563) (212,300) Profit after Tax (1,735,223) 1,630,754 Earnings Per Share (K) (12) 11… Read more on

Company Name: Africa Prudential Registrars Plc ( Company Symbol: AFRIPRUD [AFRIPUD]>> Company Report Africa Prudential Registrars Plc First Quarter 2017 Result Highlights of The Statement of Comprehensive Income Revenue: Mar 2017 N647.5m; 2016 N400.6m Expenses: Mar 2017 N245.2m; 2016 N165.6m Profit before Tax: Mar 2017 N402.3m; 2016 N235.0m Tax: Mar 2017 N24.6m; 2016 N43.0m… Read more on

Company Name: Trans-Nationwide Express Plc. ( Company Symbol: TRANSEXPR [TRANSEXPR]>> Company Report Trans-Nationwide Express Plc Summary of Results for the Period Ended March 31, 2017 The Directors of Trans-Nationwide Express Plc Announce the Unaudited Financial Result for the First Quarter Ended March 31, 2017 as Follows: March 31, 2017 March 31, 2016 Growth Rate =N=’000 =N=’000… Read more on

Le Groupe de la Banque mondiale ( a lancé XL Africa ([](, un programme d’accélération commerciale de cinq mois conçu pour soutenir les 20 startups numériques les plus prometteuses d’Afrique subsaharienne. Les startups recevront un mentorat de la part d’experts internationaux et locaux, évolueront à travers un programme… Read more on

Decathlon, a world giant in sports goods and equipments retail and manufacture, is coming to Ghana Decathlon is a helping to develop sport and industry globally. Decathlon operates in over 50 countries worldwide with over 1200 stores providing sport goods and equipment in 70+ sports disciplines and is among the few world class eco – friendly organizations. Their choice to set-up West Africa’s… Read more on

Company Name: CWG Plc ( Company Symbol: CWG [CWG]>> COMPANY Report Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) Plc

2016 Audited Financial Statements 2016 2015

Revenue N10,166m N15,613m PBT N142.004m N-1,747m Tax N14.329m N48.849m PAT N127.675m N-1,796m Read more on

Company Name: Capital Hotel Plc Company Symbol: CAPHOTEL [CAPHOTEL]>> Company Report Capital Hotels Plc Audited Financial Statements for Year Ended December 31, 2016 December 2016 December 2015 N’000 N’000 Revenue: 5,372,395 4,692,986 Cost of Sales: (3,781,166) (3,450,148) Profit before Tax: 1,762,874 670,119 Taxation: (488,425) (177,859) Profit after Tax: 1,274,450 492,260 EPS (Kobo): 82.29 31.78 Read more on

Les ministres africains de la République démocratique du Congo (RDC), du Botswana, du Burkina Faso, de l’Éthiopie, du Gabon, de Madagascar, du Maroc, du Rwanda et du Zimbabwe ont confirmé leur présence au Forum africain sur l’énergie (Africa Energy Forum, ou « AEF ») ([]( qui se prépare à accueillir à Copenhague 2 000 décideurs… Read more on

Au point de presse de ce jour, le porte-parole a rappelé la déclaration du ministre et fait les déclarations suivantes : […] 3 – Mali – Installation de l’ensemble des autorités intérimaires (20 avril 2017) La France salue la mise en place des autorités intérimaires chargées d’administrer les cinq régions du Nord du Mali, qui s’est achevée le 20 avril par l’installation des autorités à… Read more on–quai-dorsay-declarations-du-porteparole-et-agenda-du-ministre-et-des-secretaires-detat?lang=fr

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