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Discover Africa-Newsroom.com, APO’s new press release distribution platform dedicated to Africa

APO-Source, the first database of press releases related to Africa will be discontinued at the end of the year after 8 years of operation

Starting today, we invite you to visit Africa-Newsroom.com, APO’s new press release distribution platform dedicated to Africa.

Africa-Newsroom.com is available in four languages (English, French, Arabic and Portuguese), each with its own Twitter feed. It features a powerful internal search engine allowing you to search press releases per country, industry, subject, and publication time. You are also able to search for multimedia content specifically.

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Découvrez Africa-Newsroom.com, la nouvelle plate-forme de distribution de communiqués de presse liés à l’Afrique

Créée en 2007, APO-Source, la première base de données de communiqués de presse liés à l’Afrique sera supprimé à la fin de l’année

Nous vous invitons dés maintenant à découvrir Africa-Newsroom.com, la nouvelle plate-forme de distribution de communiqués de presse liés à l’Afrique.

Africa-Newsroom.com est disponible en quatre langues (anglais, français, arabe et portugais), chacune avec son propre compte Twitter. Le site dispose également d’un puissant moteur de recherche interne vous permettant de rechercher des communiqués de presse par pays, par secteur d’activité, sujet, date de publication. Vous pouvez également rechercher spécifiquement du contenu multimédia.

Les journalistes seront en mesure de copier, partager, télécharger, intégrer (embed), créer des flux RSS personnalisés, créer des alertes email personnalisées, créer des FTP personnalisés, créer des widgets personnalisés, et de prendre le contenu pour l’intégrer sur d’autres sites Web.

Les journalistes sont encouragés à créer un profil sur Africa-Newsroom.com pour accéder à encore plus de fonctionnalités, dont des paramètres de personnalisation avancés, la personnalisation de la page d’accueil et des flux de communiqués de presse, et plus encore.

Africa’s electricity generation capacity has grown at an average of 4.8 percent per annum since 2008; The Chamber remains determined in its commitment to seek a fair and just resolution that puts forth the interests of African people, businesses, investors and economic growth; This is an excerpt taken from the Africa Energy Outlook 2021. Get your free copy today on www.EnergyChamber.org. Total electricity… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/african-energy-chamber-projects-africas-power-demand-to-keep-rising-between-45-per-year?lang=en

Mise à jour du 01 décembre 2020. Nouveaux cas : 38! Total : 1586 Traitement en cours :292 Décès : 75 Rétablis : 1219 Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/coronavirus-niger–mise-a-jour-covid19-du-1-decembre-2020?lang=fr

37 nouveaux patients guéris et 23 nouveaux cas confirmés sur les 1347 personnes testées ce jour. Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/coronavirus-togo–chiffres-mis-a-jour-le-1-decembre-2020-a-2057?lang=fr

The Bank’s Board (www.AfDB.org) has approved a new People Strategy for the next five years, designed to enhance the Bank’s standing as the continent’s premier development institution. The strategy seeks to tap the Bank’s human capital – its most valuable resource – to deliver, through the institution’s projects, optimal development results for the people of Africa. A key management commitment… Read more on https://afdb.africa-newsroom.com/press/african-development-bank-board-approves-people-strategy-for-20212025?lang=en

[Vertiv](https://www.vertiv.com/fr-emea/) (NYSEâ¯: VRT) (www.Vertiv.com/fr-emea), le fournisseur mondial d’infrastructures numériques critiques et de solutions de continuité, a été classé par le cabinet de recherche technologique [Omdia](https://omdia.tech.informa.com/) (https://Omdia.tech.informa.com) comme le plus grand fournisseur mondial de solutions de refroidissement pour les datacenters,… Read more on https://vertiv.africa-newsroom.com/press/vertiv-ranked-as-global-leader-in-rapidly-evolving-data-center-cooling-market?lang=fr

[Vertiv](http://www.vertiv.com/en-emea) (NYSE: VRT) (www.Vertiv.com/en-emea), a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has been ranked by technology analyst firm [Omdia](https://omdia.tech.informa.com/) (https://Omdia.tech.informa.com) as the largest global supplier in a data center cooling market which continues to undergo change and innovation. The newly released… Read more on https://vertiv.africa-newsroom.com/press/vertiv-ranked-as-global-leader-in-rapidly-evolving-data-center-cooling-market?lang=en

L’association Rugby Afrique ([RugbyAfrique.com](http://www.rugbyafrique.com/)) a le plaisir d’annoncer qu’elle accordera un fonds de 276 490 EUR destiné à favoriser la réussite et la sécurité des préparatifs du redémarrage de sa saison de rugby 2021, après une année 2020 des plus difficiles. Pas moins de 11 des 39 fédérations (Namibie, Kenya, Ouganda, Tunisie, Zimbabwe, Algérie,… Read more on https://rugbyafrica.africa-newsroom.com/press/rugby-africa-provides-massive-kick-start-to-unions-for-2021-season?lang=fr

Rugby Africa ([RugbyAfrique.com](http://www.rugbyafrique.com/)) is elated to announce it will be granting EUR 276,490 for the successful and safe preparations for the restart of its 2021 rugby season, after a very challenging 2020. The Fund, will see 11 of the 39 Unions; Namibia, Kenya, Uganda, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Zambia, Madagascar, Côte d’ivoire, Senegal, Ghana eligible for the funds.… Read more on https://rugbyafrica.africa-newsroom.com/press/rugby-africa-provides-massive-kick-start-to-unions-for-2021-season?lang=en

600 million people across Africa lack access to affordable, reliable, sustainable energy; Mini-grids are a disruptive new approach that could accelerate energy access; The International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts that mini-grids will be the least cost method to connect at least 264 million people by 2030; But to unlock their potential, we need new ways of financing mini-grids. CrossBoundary Energy… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/crossboundary-energy-access-open-sources-their-project-financing-approach-for-minigrids-to-accelerate-energy-access-for-all-in-africa-by-2030?lang=en

The development of the African Union Campaign and negotiation of an AU Convention on Ending Violence against Women and Girls; the full implementation of the African Union guidelines on the Gender Responsive Responses to COVID-19; the universal ratification, domestication and implementation of the Maputo Protocol on Women’s Rights; the approval to disseminate the AU Strategy on Gender Equality and… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/violence-against-women-and-girls-financial-and-economic-inclusion-of-women-among-key-outcomes-of-au-ministerial-meeting?lang=en

Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) have been at the centre of discussions in Africa due to their negative impact on development financing, sustainable development and growth. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the fiscal deficit situation in some African countries, equally bringing to the fore, the urgency to address the vice of the illicit outflows. This is in acknowledgement that… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/african-union-commission-set-to-launch-a-multidonor-action-against-illicit-financial-flows-in-africa?lang=en

The virtual event will be part of Bizcommunity’s ([Bizcommunity.com](http://www.Bizcommunity.com)) January BizTrends Report, which annually features 100s of trend predictions from industry thought leaders across 19 sectors. A dynamic and diverse crew selected to steer the most relevant new narratives for a new decade, will be led by trend doyen Dion Chang with the intention of providing a balance… Read more on https://bizcommunity.africa-newsroom.com/press/sas-trend-rockstars-announced-for-biztrends2021-event-towards-new-north-and-new-narratives?lang=en

Farida, her school bag on her back and her face betraying a hint of a smile, sings softly on her way to school in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. Along with thousands of other South Sudanese girls, Farida has been able to attend class thanks to a project that has freed her from the daily grind of fetching water. With funding of almost $7.22 million from the African Development Bank, the [Resilient… Read more on https://afdb.africa-newsroom.com/press/south-sudan-for-the-people-of-juba-an-african-development-bank-group-afdb-supported-water-project-brings-better-health-and-peace?lang=en

Sur le chemin de son école à Juba, capitale du Soudan du Sud, Farida, le cartable scolaire sur le dos, chantonne doucement, le visage illuminé par l’espoir d’un avenir radieux. Comme Farida, des milliers de jeunes filles sud-soudanaises ont pu prendre le chemin de l’école depuis le démarrage du [Projet résilience de l’approvisionnement en eau pour améliorer les conditions de vie à… Read more on https://afdb.africa-newsroom.com/press/south-sudan-for-the-people-of-juba-an-african-development-bank-group-afdb-supported-water-project-brings-better-health-and-peace?lang=fr

Kindergarten teacher Fatima Zahera Hagou recalls that just a generation ago, when the sun went down over the Moroccon countryside, her rural village of Dar Laain ground to a halt and locals bedded down for the night. Nowadays, Dar Laain, about 25km southwest of Marrakech, booms with life after dark, thanks to the expansion of the electricity grid. Residents have benefited from youth clubs, a communal… Read more on https://afdb.africa-newsroom.com/press/it-brings-us-hope-african-development-bank-leads-drive-to-deliver-electricity-to-all?lang=en

Bilan total : 5,934 (+15) Rétablis : 5,516 (+36) | 92.9% Cas actifs : 369 Testés : 626,311 (+2,196) Décés : 49 (+1) | 0.8% Taux de positivité : 0.7% Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/coronavirus-rwanda-covid19-update-30-november-2020?lang=fr

Total cases: 5,934 (+15) Recovered: 5,516 (+36) | 92.9% Active cases: 369 Tests: 626,311 (+2,196) Deaths: 49 (+1) | 0.8% Test positivity rate: 0.7% Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/coronavirus-rwanda-covid19-update-30-november-2020?lang=en

New cases: 3 Total confirmed cases: 6028 Total active cases: 44 Total recovered: 5455 (1 New) Lost to follow-up: 102 Outcome under investigation: 242 Total number of tests conducted: 74010 (336 New) Total deaths: 185 (0 New) Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/coronavirus-malawi-covid19-daily-information-update-30th-november-2020?lang=en

Positive cases identified: 790004 Total recoveries: 731242 Total deaths: 21535 New cases: 2302 Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/coronavirus-south-africa-covid19-statistics-in-south-africa-30-november-2020?lang=en

Webb Fontaine (www.WebbFontaine.com) has announced crucial investments into Africa with plans to open an Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Centre on the continent. The move aims to answer to an important demand by Governments globally, to implement AI-powered solution for Trade. The R&D Centre was announced by Webb Fontaine founder and Trade Technology Innovator, Jean Gulbenk Gurunlian,… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/webb-fontaine-announces-important-investments-to-open-an-artificial-intelligence-randd-centre-in-africa?lang=en

As of 1 pm on 30 November, the Western Cape has 10057 active Covid-19 infections with a total of 130 826 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 116 125 recoveries. Total confirmed Covid-19 cases 130 826 Total recoveries 116 125 Total deaths 4644 Total active cases (currently infected patients) 10057 Tests conducted 785274 Hospitalisations 1104 of which 190 are in ICU or high care Cape Metro Sub-districts: Sub-district… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/coronavirus-south-africa-premier-alan-winde-update-on-coronavirus-covid19-on-30-november?lang=en

Cumulative Cases: 17,647 Total Recoveries: 16,998 COVID-19 Deaths: 119 COVID-19 Associated Deaths: 238 Active Cases: 292 Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/coronavirus-zambia-daily-status-update-30th-november-2020?lang=en

Active cases: 14 New cases: 8 New tests: 358 Total confirmed: 3,742 Recovered: 3,601 (+10) Deaths: 123 (+0) Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/coronavirus-gambia-daily-case-update-as-of-30th-november-2020?lang=en

Distribution cases by Counties: Nairobi (134), Kajiado (26), Kisumu (17), Kitui (16), Marsabit (16), Nyeri (16), Mombasa (13), Meru (13), Machakos (13), Nakuru (9), Kiambu (9), Uasin Gishu (8), Embu (2), Busia (2), Kilifi (1), Laikipia (1), Murang’a (1), Kakamega (1), Makueni (1), Samburu (1), Tana River (1), Kericho (1). Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/coronavirus-kenya-distribution-of-cases-by-counties-30-november-2020?lang=en

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