Springbok Women’s coach Stanley Raubenheimer was delighted on Saturday as his charges booked their place in the 2021 Women’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand with a 39-0 victory against Kenya in the deciding match of the qualifiers at the Bosman Stadium in Brakpan. Audio clips of Springbok Women’s coach Stanley Raubenheimer in English and Afrikaans: https://we.tl/t-8SvA2f1CO5 The win marked a… Read more on https://rugbyafrica.africa-newsroom.com/press/springbok-women-qualify-for-2021-womens-rugby-world-cup?lang=en

On Saturday, the Springbok Women played against the Lionesses during the 2019 Rugby Africa (www.RugbyAfrique.com) Women’s Cup, a qualifier for the 2021 Women’s Rugby World Cup. In an enthralling game, South Africa defeated Kenya 39-0. The Springbok Women got off to a flying start as they grabbed two early tries through Zintle Mpupha and Lindelwa Gwala which unsettled the Lionesses. Tayla Kinsey recorded… Read more on https://rugbyafrica.africa-newsroom.com/press/womens-rugby-world-cup-african-qualifiers-south-africa-defeated-kenya-390-on-saturday-in-johannesburg-during-the-rugby-africa-womens-cup?lang=en

On Saturday, the Lady Cranes played against the Makis during the 2019 Rugby Africa Women’s Cup, a qualifier for the 2021 Women’s Rugby World Cup. In an evenly matched game, Uganda and Madagascar played to a 15-15 stalemate. The Makis got off to a bright start against the Lady Cranes, but they failed to convert two penalties in the opening stages of the match. Madagascar were left to rue those two… Read more on https://rugbyafrica.africa-newsroom.com/press/womens-rugby-world-cup-african-qualifiers-uganda-drew-1515-with-madagascar-on-saturday-in-johannesburg-during-the-rugby-africa-womens-cup?lang=en

A measles epidemic officially declared on June 10 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has killed 2,758 people and infected 145,000, the deadliest outbreak that the country has witnessed since 2011. Despite the scale of the epidemic, there is an alarming lack of actors and funds to respond to this crisis: $2.5 million of the $8.9 million required for the Health Cluster response plan has been… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/more-actors-and-funding-urgently-needed-to-curb-deadly-measles-outbreak-in-democratic-republic-of-congo-drc?lang=en

The French Development Agency (AFD), the Namibian Association of CBNRM Support Organisations (NACSO), and the UCT GSB Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship has conducted a workshop on innovative finance and its applicability for the Namibian conservation ecosystem, in particular in relation with the Community Based Natural Resource Management Programme. The workshop followed design… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/lagence-francaise-de-developpement-afd-et-namibian-association-of-cbnrm-support-organisations-nacso-organisent-un-workshop-pour-la-conservation-des-ecosystemes-namibiens?lang=en

L’Agence Française de Développement (AFD), NACSO (Namibian Association of CBNRM Support Organisations) et le UCT GSB Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship ont organisé un workshop sur la finance innovante et son application dans la conservation des écosystèmes namibiens en relation avec le Community Based Natural Resource Management Programme. Durant l’événement plusieurs… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/lagence-francaise-de-developpement-afd-et-namibian-association-of-cbnrm-support-organisations-nacso-organisent-un-workshop-pour-la-conservation-des-ecosystemes-namibiens?lang=fr

L’Attaché Militaire de l’Ambassade des États-Unis d’Amérique au Mali, le Lieutenant-Colonel Edwin Germosen, a remis, vendredi 16 aout, un important lot d’équipements et de matériels médicaux au programme de prévention du VIH /SIDA du Ministère de la Défense et des Anciens Combattants du Mali. La cérémonie s’est déroulée à la Direction Centrale des Services de Santé des Armées… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/le-departement-de-la-defense-americain-offre-du-materiel-de-prevention-du-vih–sida-a-larmee-malienne?lang=fr

Multidões reunidas para manifestar em Harare foram dispersas pela polícia; decisão da Suprema Corte manteve proibição de protestos feita pelo governo. O Escritório da ONU de Direitos Humanos pediu às autoridades do Zimbabué e aos manifestantes que garantam que protestos planeados para o país ocorram com calma e sem violência, depois do anúncio de cancelamentos feito esta sexta-feira. Em… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/onu-quer-calma-no-zimbabue-apos-cancelamento-de-protestos-ao-ultimo-minuto?lang=pt

Two months since hundreds of thousands of people fled violence in north-eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), UN humanitarians warned on Friday that armed militia continue to make their safe return impossible. Briefing journalists in Geneva, UN Refugee Agency ([UNHCR](http://www.unhcr.org/)) Spokesperson Babar Baloch, said that staff had heard numerous testimonies from people whose family… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/displaced-by-dr-congo-violence-survivors-testimonies-highlight-brutality-of-armed-militia?lang=en

Des consultations populaires sur les besoins de justice, réparations et préventions de nouveaux conflits sont prévues dans la province du Kasaï central, afin de déterminer le besoin d’une justice transitionnelle dans cette province. Le Ministère provincial de la justice du Kasaï central en collaboration avec le BCNUDH (Bureau conjoint des Nations unies aux droits de l’homme) ont organisé… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/une-justice-transitionnelle-esttelle-necessaire-au-kasai-central-?lang=fr

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Atelier sur l’entraide pénale internationale

Dominique Voglimacci, magistrat de liaison régional basé à Abidjan, a organisé et animé le 7 août 2019 à l’hôtel « le Chari » à N’Djamena, un atelier intitulé « Entraide pénale internationale : principes et bonnes pratiques ». Une vingtaine de magistrats tchadiens en poste au ministère de la Justice, à la cour d’appel et au tribunal de grande instance de N’Djamena pour l’essentiel,… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/atelier-sur-lentraide-penale-internationale?lang=fr

His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia is visiting India on a State Visit at the invitation of Hon’ble President Shri Ram Nath Kovind from 20-22 August 2019. Our President had visited Zambia last year in April 2018. President Edgar Lungu would be accompanied by a high-level delegation including Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Joseph Malanji; Minister for Commerce,… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/state-visit-of-president-of-the-republic-of-zambia-to-india-august-2022-2019?lang=en

Pour aider les autorités maliennes à faire face aux violences sur fond de conflits intercommunautaires dans le centre du Mali, la MINUSMA a intensifié ses patrouilles de jour et de nuit. Les Observateurs Militaires des Nations unies suivent le déroulement de ces patrouilles avec beaucoup d’intérêts. Le 15 août dernier, le Capitaine Joël Lamah, Observateur Militaire au sein de la MINUSMA,… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/protection-des-civils-dans-le-centre-du-mali–la-minusma-appuie-les-autorites-en-intensifiant-ses-patrouilles?lang=fr

« Never leave the desert because the desert purifies the soul. Far from it, you are deaf and blind. “So, speak the Tuareg mothers. » Mano Dayak We are about 160 km away from the Algerian border, and more than 1,800 km away from Bamako, in Tessalit, in the heart of the Adrar of Ifoghas. It is close by this sand-colored city, emblematic place of the Tuareg rebellion in Mali, that Rontal Dixon Saint-Juste… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/un-volunteers-play-a-critical-role-in-the-implementation-of-minusma-mandate-in-northern-mali?lang=en

Moçambique terá uma agência de recuperação que acelerará a reconstrução resiliente após os danos causados este ano pelos ciclones Idai e Kenneth. Cerca de US$ 72 milhões serão aplicados num fundo para executar a iniciativa entre 2019 e 2024. O Projeto do Mecanismo de Recuperação foi assinado na quarta-feira, em Maputo, pelas Nações Unidas e pelo Governo de Moçambique representado pelo… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/em-mocambique-onu-apoia-iniciativa-para-acelerar-construcao-resiliente-apos-ciclones?lang=pt

The Department of Health Planning, Research and Statistics of the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) in collaboration with The World Health Organization(WHO) has successfully updated and validated Nigeria’s health workforce profile from 2012 to 2018 with funding from the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (GAC) under the “Enhancing the Ability of Frontline Health Workers to Improve… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/who-collaborates-with-nigerian-government-to-update-the-country-health-workforce-profile?lang=en

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Tackling child malnutrition (by Islamane Abdou)

Malnutrition is a major threat to children’s health and development in Niger. More than 4 out of 10 children under 5 are stunted, robbing them of their full potential. Global acute malnutrition is consistently above the 10 per cent ‘alert’ level – even during times and in places where no nutrition-related emergencies have been declared. Micronutrient deficiencies are rampant, and more than… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/tackling-child-malnutrition-by-islamane-abdou?lang=en

With funding from Gavi, the Vaccine alliance, WHO donated Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) equipment this week (Wednesday, 14 August) to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of South Sudan. The ICT equipment will support the expanded programme on immunization (EPI) data management and the roll-out of District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS 2) both at national and state levels… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/who-donates-information-communication-and-technology-equipment-to-improve-the-availability-of-good-quality-data-at-all-levels-in-south-sudan?lang=en

The Governor of the State of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, traveled to Accra from August 14 – 16, 2019. Governor Bryant traveled to Ghana to expand and promote trade and investment opportunities between Mississippi and Ghana. While in Accra, he met with Government of Ghana officials, private sector representatives, local entrepreneurs, members of business associations, and scientific research stations.… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/us-governor-of-the-state-of-mississippi-builds-trade-links-with-ghana?lang=en

All is set for the Eighth Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa (CCDA VIII) which will be held in Addis Ababa from 28-30 August under the theme; ‘Stepping Up Climate Action for Resilient Economies in Africa’. Mr. James Murombedzi, Chief of the African Climate Policy Center (ACPC) of United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), says the conference, which will be held at… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/all-set-for-eighth-conference-on-climate-change-and-development-in-africa-says-economic-commission-for-africa-ecas-murombedzi?lang=en

In response to the brutal assault on peaceful protesters who gathered in the Harare CBD earlier today in anticipation of the “16 August” national protests, Muleya Mwananyanda, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for Southern Africa, said: “The scenes in Harare today demonstrate just how far the authorities will go to repress dissent. Baton-wielding police unleashed a [brutal](http://tracking.press.amnesty.org/tracking/click?d=vThLVGm4e5t6lPoO7ksgjExagH4QuLA6UuXj4sxyApKjszcU2DzPBT_VWLFclvNjogUu_NatoxXrBhXRbdjQRC4ARttPJ5dI0Nriv_9qftY7Ig8BQxEzCkIxN8B0qJlGZ0x15DeQMKPqTaqF_iei5Ft5oQbEzv5qoPrFEwixzpjg0)… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/zimbabwe-police-must-be-held-accountable-for-appalling-assault-on-protesters?lang=en

The U.S. military and the Ethiopian National Defence Force, in cooperation with other partner nations, successfully concluded exercise Justified Accord 2019 (JA19) on July 30, with a closing ceremony held at the Peace Support Training Center in Addis Ababa. Justified Accord is a U.S. Army Africa-led exercise designed to enhance the capacity and capability of participating staff and forces in peacekeeping… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/joint-military-exercise-justified-accord-2019-strengthens-partner-networks-and-peacekeeping-operations?lang=en

The Women’s Business Network for UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) hosted their inaugural brunch, Women to Women, yesterday at Sandton Convention Centre in honour of National Women’s Month. The event served as an awareness building and advocacy opportunity to support access to education for refugee youth across Africa. Kristin Davis, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador and American actress best known for her… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/minister-in-the-presidency-talks-about-the-need-for-better-coordinationbetween-the-united-nations-and-the-government?lang=en

The Ministry of Health of South Sudan, with support from the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States’ Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), UNICEF, International Medical Corps (IMC) Consortium (Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA), Concern and GOAL International) and other partners, conducted a one day full scale simulation exercise (SIMEX) on 14 August 2019 in… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/south-sudan-conducts-a-full-scale-simulation-exercise?lang=en

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