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Starting today, we invite you to visit Africa-Newsroom.com, APO’s new press release distribution platform dedicated to Africa.

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Découvrez Africa-Newsroom.com, la nouvelle plate-forme de distribution de communiqués de presse liés à l’Afrique

Créée en 2007, APO-Source, la première base de données de communiqués de presse liés à l’Afrique sera supprimé à la fin de l’année

Nous vous invitons dés maintenant à découvrir Africa-Newsroom.com, la nouvelle plate-forme de distribution de communiqués de presse liés à l’Afrique.

Africa-Newsroom.com est disponible en quatre langues (anglais, français, arabe et portugais), chacune avec son propre compte Twitter. Le site dispose également d’un puissant moteur de recherche interne vous permettant de rechercher des communiqués de presse par pays, par secteur d’activité, sujet, date de publication. Vous pouvez également rechercher spécifiquement du contenu multimédia.

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The Wits Business School (WBS) will be partnering with the South African Premier Business Awards (SAPBA) as the exclusive academic partner in 2017. Now in their fifth year, these popular Awards aim to recognise and reward South African companies and their contribution to growing and transforming the country’s economy. Presented by the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) in partnership with… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/wits-business-school-to-be-exclusive-academic-partner-for-the-south-african-premier-business-awards?lang=en

Unless progress is seriously accelerated, it will take over 100 years to end child marriage in West and Central Africa, with far-reaching, life-altering consequences for millions of child brides and crippling impact on the region’s prosperity, UNICEF said today. A new UNICEF report card [Achieving a future without child marriage: Focus on West and Central Africa](https://data.unicef.org/resources/statistical-snapshot-child-marriage-west-central-africa)… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/at-current-rates-of-reduction-it-will-take-over-100-years-to-end-child-marriage-in-west-and-central-africa?lang=en

Trade liberalization without enhanced production is a recipe for disaster, Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) Southern Africa regional director Said Adejumobi has observed. Speaking at the official opening of the Ad-hoc Expert Group Meeting (AEGM) on “Deepening Regional Integration in Southern Africa: The Role, Prospects and Progress of the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA), Mr. Adejumobi said… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/trade-liberalization-without-enhanced-production-is-a-recipe-for-disaster?lang=en

Statement by Ambassadors and High Commissioners in advance of Kenya’s new presidential election: As friends, we want Kenya to succeed. We share with Kenyans their desire for a peaceful, prosperous, democratic, and well-governed country, where everyone can build a better life for themselves and their families. Indeed, we know Kenyans have fought for these things with great courage, as we were reminded… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/statement-by-ambassadors-and-high-commissioners-in-advance-of-kenyas-new-presidential-election?lang=en

The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Bulelani Magwanishe has emphasised the importance of ensuring that the Economic Partnership Agreements concluded between the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States and the European Union (EU) contribute to regional integration. Deputy Minister Magwanishe was speaking at the 15th Joint ACP-European Union (EU) Ministerial Trade Committee meeting (JMTC)… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/economic-partnership-agreements-should-support-regional-integration-deputy-minister-magwanishe?lang=en

U.S. Africa Command will hold its first Africa Senior Enlisted Leaders Conference Nov. 7-10, 2017, at Lake Eibsee Hotel in Grainau, Germany. More than 50 attendees from 21 African partner nations and the U.S. are set to attend for discussions on shared challenges and opportunities. Media Availability: Media representatives are invited to attend the first day of the event from 8-11 a.m. CET, Tuesday,… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/africom-to-hold-conference-for-african-senior-enlisted-leaders?lang=en

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa will, in his capacity as the Chairperson of the Human Resource Development Council of South Africa (HRDC), later today, Monday, 23 October 2017, deliver a keynote address at the Harambee youth employment accelerator, solutions exchange at the Spier Wine farm, Stellenbosch in Cape Town. The solutions exchange is aimed at formulating a joint work programme focusing on… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/deputy-president-ramaphosa-to-address-harambee-youth-employment-accelerator-solutions-exchange-in-stellenbosch?lang=en

Posted by: APO | 23 October 2017

II Cimeira sobre a Inovação em África

Ihaba (www.Ihaba.net) e o Governo do Ruanda (www.Gov.rw) têm o prazer de anunciar que a segunda Cimeira de Inovação em África (AIS II) (www.AfricaInnovationSummit.com) terá lugar de 6 a 8 de junho de 2018 no Centro de Convenções de Kigali em Kigali, no Ruanda. A AIS II basear-se-á nos bons resultados da primeira Cimeira que teve lugar na Cidade da Praia em 2014 e incluirá atividades antes,… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/africa-innovation-summit-ii?lang=pt

Posted by: APO | 23 October 2017

II Sommet sur l’innovation en Afrique

Ihaba (www.Ihaba.net) et le Gouvernement Rwandais (www.Gov.rw) ont le plaisir d’annoncer que le deuxième Sommet sur l’innovation en Afrique (AIS II) (www.AfricaInnovationSummit.com) aura lieu du 6 au 8 juin 2018 à Kigali, Rwanda, au Centre des Conventions de Kigali. L’AIS II se basera sur les bons résultats du premier Sommet réalisé à Praia en 2014 et comprendra des activités avant, pendant… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/africa-innovation-summit-ii?lang=fr

Posted by: APO | 23 October 2017

Africa Innovation Summit II

Ihaba (www.Ihaba.net) and the Government of Rwanda (www.Gov.rw) are pleased to announce that the second Africa Innovation Summit (AIS II) (www.AfricaInnovationSummit.com) will take place from 6 to 8 June 2018 at the Kigali Convention Center in Kigali, Rwanda. The AIS II will build on a very successful first Summit, and it will include activities before, during and after the Summit. The AIS seeks innovative… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/africa-innovation-summit-ii?lang=en

Posted by: APO | 23 October 2017

Press Engagement with USUN Ambassador Nikki Haley

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley arrived in Ethiopia as part of a tour to three African countries including South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo from October 23-28, 2017. In addition to meeting with Ethiopian government officials, African Union officials, and representatives of UN agencies and programs, Ambassador Haley will speak to the press at the African… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/press-engagement-with-usun-ambassador-nikki-haley?lang=en

The United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) condemns the arrest of many members of the Rassemblement des forces politiques et sociales de la République démocratique du Congo acquises au changement by Congolese defense and security forces yesterday in Lubumbashi, in the province of Haut-Katanga. The members of the Rassemblement were attending… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/monusco-calls-for-the-immediate-release-of-opposition-activists-arrested-yesterday-in-lubumbashi?lang=en

New houses, cars, expansion of farms, employment of extra labour, money to send children to school and less reliance on social grants. This is how a group of small scale farmers in Mpumalanga and Limpopo who participated in an agricultural upskill initiative that introduced them to tobacco farming, spoke of how the project had changed their lives. Evidence of their success is contained in a research… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/incubation-project-has-a-massive-impact-on-emerging-tobacco-farmers-speeds-up-transformation-of-the-agricultural-sector?lang=en

Le 23 octobre 2017, le Conseil a renouvelé jusqu’au 31 octobre 2018 les mesures restrictives prises contre le Burundi. Ces mesures consistent en une interdiction de pénétrer sur le territoire de l’Union européenne et en un gel des avoirs qui concernent quatre personnes dont les activités ont été considérées comme compromettant la gouvernance démocratique ou faisant obstacle à la recherche… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/burundi-eu-renews-sanctions-until-31-october-2018?lang=fr

Posted by: APO | 23 October 2017

Burundi: EU renews sanctions until 31 October 2018

On 23 October 2017, the Council renewed the EU restrictive measures against Burundi for another year until 31 October 2018. These measures consist of a travel ban and asset freeze against four persons whose activities are deemed to be undermining democratic governance and obstructing the search for a peaceful political solution in Burundi. These activities include acts of violence, repression or incitement… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/burundi-eu-renews-sanctions-until-31-october-2018?lang=en

– Sustainability of some current systems is under threat – Denmark maintains #1 position for sixth year – Index expanded to include Colombia, New Zealand and Norway Unsustainable pension systems in some countries need to learn from leading countries or risk creating intergenerational equity issues and disappointed retirees. Now measuring 30 countries and covering 60% of the world’s population, this… Read more on https://mercer.africa-newsroom.com/press/pension-systems-at-risk-of-creating-intergenerational-equity-issues?lang=en

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is pleased to announce a US$5.6 million grant for Puntland. The grant will be implemented by the Puntland Ministry of Education to address the north-eastern state’s wide ranging education needs and challenges. UNICEF is the grant agent, and the European Union is the coordinating agency for the GPE across Somalia. The grant will focus on strengthening the… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/global-partnership-for-education-grants-us56-million-for-quality-education-for-children-in-the-puntland-state-of-somalia?lang=en

President Jacob Zuma will on Saturday, 28 October 2017, officially launch the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) Mobile Office in Mandeni, KwaZulu-Natal. The mobile office will operate as an outreach vehicle enabling access to NYDA products and services for youth across South Africa, with special focus on youth in rural areas. The details of the event are as follows: Date: Saturday, 28 October… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/president-zuma-to-launch-the-national-youth-development-agency-nyda-mobile-office?lang=en

Members of the media are invited to the Technology and Human Research for Industry Programme (THRIP) Agro-processing Symposium that will be hosted by The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti): – Date: 24-25 October 2017 – Time: 09:00 – Venue: Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), 19 Fredman Drive, Sandton The main purpose of the two-day symposium is to create a conducive environment where… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/the-department-of-trade-and-industry-to-host-the-agroprocessing-symposium-in-gauteng?lang=en

– Dallas-based Kosmos Energy will enter Equatorial Guinea via three new oil and gas licences following the EG Ronda 2016 licensing round. – Block EG-21, Block S and Block W are located offshore Equatorial Guinea. – Kosmos Energy is an established oil and gas explorer in West Africa. The Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons of Equatorial Guinea (http://MMIE.gob.gq), Kosmos Energy (www.KosmosEnergy.com)… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/kosmos-energy-enters-equatorial-guinea-with-three-new-oil-and-gas-contracts?lang=en

La Mission de l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour la stabilisation en République démocratique du Congo (MONUSCO) condamne l’arrestation de nombreux militants de partis politiques membres du Rassemblement des forces politiques et sociales de la République démocratique du Congo acquises au changement par les forces de défense et de sécurité congolaises, hier à Lubumbashi, dans la province… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/la-monusco-demande-la-liberation-immediate-des-militants-de-lopposition-arretes-hier-a-lubumbashi?lang=fr

Ambassador Nikki Haley will travel to Ethiopia, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo October 23-28. In addition to meeting with government officials, African Union officials, and representatives of UN agencies and programs, Ambassador Haley will meet with men, women, and children on the ground for whom UN operations are there to protect and support. Ambassador Haley will witness firsthand… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/media-advisory-ambassador-nikki-haley-travels-to-ethiopia-south-sudan-and-the-democratic-republic-of-the-congo?lang=en

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, and the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, continue to closely monitor developments in Kenya, in the light of the forthcoming presidential election. Recalling the ruling of the Supreme Court of Kenya of 1 September ordering the holding of a new presidential election, the Secretary-General and the Chairperson… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/joint-statement-of-the-african-union-and-the-united-nations-on-the-forthcoming-presidential-election-in-kenya?lang=en

Posted by: APO | 23 October 2017

Government saddened by sudden death of communicator

Government is shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of a seasoned government communicator, Joe Maila. During his untimely passing, he was the spokesperson in the Ministry of Health. Minister of Communications, Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane, on behalf of government communicators sends deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Joe Maila. Minister Kubayi-Ngubane said: “Joe practiced… Read more on https://africa-newsroom.com/press/government-saddened-by-sudden-death-of-communicator?lang=en

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