Posted by: APO | 23 September 2016

Africa Regional Media Hub | U.S. to Support Greater Protections for Pangolins, African Grey Parrots, Chambered Nautilus at Wor ld’s Largest International Wildlife Trade Forum

Many of the planet’s most well-known and cherished wildlife species, and many that are less familiar, take center stage in South Africa Sept. 24-Oct. 5, when nations around the globe convene for the world’s most important meeting on wildlife trade. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe today said the United States will support increased protections for pangolins, African grey parrots… Read more on–us-to-support-greater-protections-for-pangolins-african-grey-parrots-chambered-nautilus-at-worlds-largest-international-wildlife-trade-forum?lang=en


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