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The Government of Germany contributes EUR 1.4 million to UNHCR in Sudan


The Government of Germany contributes EUR 1.4 million to UNHCR in Sudan


KHARTOUM, Sudan, September 15, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) welcomes a contribution of EUR 1.4 million from the Federal Republic of Germany for its 2015 programme in Sudan.

“Germany is a strong and traditional partner to UNHCR worldwide and this contribution is critical to allow us to fulfil our mandate towards refugees and asylum-seekers”, UNHCR Deputy Representative and Officer-in-Charge in Sudan Ms. Angela Li Rosi says.

“Germany’s contribution will enable UNHCR to respond to the needs of refugees and internally displaced persons in Sudan, in particular those living in a protracted situation. In times of scarce resources, a large number of activities aimed at addressing long-term displacement situations cannot be implemented due to funding shortfalls”, Li Rosi says.

The contribution from Germany also includes an important component to respond to the needs of new arrivals in eastern Sudan, in particular through medical assistance to victims of human trafficking. The phenomenon of human trafficking and smuggling of persons in the region has become a serious concern to UNHCR, particularly in eastern Sudan where an average of 1,075 people seek asylum every month. Asylum-seekers and refugees often resort to smugglers to enter into Sudan and many end up being trafficked or held hostage pending the payment of a ransom. UNHCR has been working very closely with the Government of Sudan and other partners to address this phenomenon, in particular to improve the security in the camps, strengthen the assistance provided to victims of trafficking both in the East and Khartoum and seek alternatives to onward movements.

“The German government continues its support for UNHCR in Sudan and in the entire region to help alleviate the hardship that many refugees and victims of human trafficking have to go through”, says Rolf Welberts, the German Ambassador to Sudan. “Germany also works jointly with UNHCR to award scholarships to refugees at Sudanese universities. Through the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI) some refugees receive higher education opportunities every year that can have a major impact on themselves and on their communities through the skills and expertise gained throughout their studies.”

UNHCR in Sudan works with the Commissioner for Refugees (COR), the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), and other national institutions to protect and assist 370,000 refugees and asylum-seekers, as well internally displaced people in Khartoum, the East, South and West Kordofan, White Nile and Darfur. UNHCR has 11 offices in Sudan and its financial requirements for 2015 amount to US$ 173.4 million.



United Nations – Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)


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