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UNICEF Advocates for the Incorporation of Child Rights into the Libyan Constitution


UNICEF Advocates for the Incorporation of Child Rights into the Libyan Constitution


TUNIS, Tunisia, September 11, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ The UNICEF Special Representative in Libya met with members of the Libyan Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA) to advocate for the incorporation of child rights into the new constitution of Libya. Libya ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child in1993,

“The discussion we had with the members of the CDA was extremely encouraging and they showed a keen interest to incorporate child rights into the new constitution,” said Ghassan Khalil, UNICEF Special Representative in Libya. “The current situation for the children in Libya highlights the need to ensure that child rights are well embodied in the constitution,” he added.

The workshop organized in Tunis by UNDP was attended by regional experts in Constitutional Law. “UNDP is pleased to highlight the positive developments demonstrating genuine cooperation and engagement of the CDA, Civil Society Organisations and stakeholders working together towards the development of the Libyan constitution,” said Noura Hamladji, UNDP Country Director in Libya. “UNDP has been working to support the development agenda of Libya and realigned its programmes to address the immediate needs of the government and people of Libya” she added.

“Placing children’s rights at the heart of the draft constitution is a critical step,” said Khalil. “We welcome the opportunity to work closely with the Constitutional Drafting Assembly and other partners to reflect the best interests of the children of Libya”.



United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)


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