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Government of Sudan, African Union and United Nations Tripartite Coordination Mechanism on UNAMID


Government of Sudan, African Union and United Nations Tripartite Coordination Mechanism on UNAMID


NEW YORK, September 29, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ Agreed Outcomes

1. On 28 September 2013, representatives of the Government of Sudan (GoS), the African Union (AU), the United Nations (UN) and the African Union – United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) met in New York for the sixteenth (16th) Tripartite Coordination Mechanism (TCM) meeting on UNAMID.

2. The GoS delegation was led by Ambassador Rahmatalla Mohamed Osman, Under Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The AU delegation was led by Director for Peace and Security, Mr. El-Ghassim Wane. The UN delegation was led by the Under Secretary General for the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), Mr. Hervé Ladsous. The UNAMID delegation was led by the AUIUN Joint Special Representative, Mr. Mohamed Ibn Chambas.

3. In their opening remarks, all participants recognized the unique value of the Tripartite Coordination Mechanism which fosters continued cooperation between the Government of Sudan, the African Union, and the United Nations, in the identification and resolution of significant challenges related to UNAMID mandate implementation. The African Union and United Nations expressed appreciation to the Government of Sudan for its sustained engagement in the forum which has been paramount to its success.

4. The African Union and the United Nations commended the continued commitment of the Government of Sudan to reaching a negotiated settlement to the conflict in Darfur and welcomed the efforts of the African Union – United Nations Joint Chief Mediator, Mr. Mohamed Ibn Chambas, for his recent engagement with the remaining non signatory movements aimed at revitalizing the Darfur peace process within the framework of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD). All participants reiterated their commitment to supporting a stable peace for Darfur on the basis of the DDPD.

5. Participants discussed the early recovery, reconstruction and development needs of Darfur and its significance for long term peace and stability in Darfur. It was agreed that the Darfur Development Strategy, which was endorsed by the international donor community in April 2013, was a solid framework through which the Government of Sudan, with the assistance of international development partners, could address the root causes of conflict, promote stability and generate much needed support for the peace process. In this regard, ways should be explored on how best UNAMID could contribute more towards early recovery and development.

6. Participants expressed concern about the insecurity affecting some parts of Darfur and its consequences on the protection of civilians and the commencement of early recovery and development. In this connection, the African Union and United Nations underscored the importance of facilitating unfettered access and freedom of movement for UNAMID to execute its mandate.

7. Participants acknowledged the progress made at the 17 September 2013 technical level tripartite meeting towards resolving several outstanding operational issues, including with regard to UNAMID lifesaving air operations (CASEVAC/MEDEVAC flights). With respect to visas, while welcoming recent progress on this front and also acknowledging the Government of Sudan’s concerns related to increasing the recruitment of local personnel, the African Union and United Nations urged the Government of Sudan to facilitate the timely issuance of visas for personnel required for the Mission. Participants agreed to continue coordination between UNAMID and the Government of Sudan on these and other pending operational issues at the technical level.

8. Regarding the forward looking review of UNAMID’s progress towards mandate implementation, as called for by the Security Council under resolution 2113 (2013), participants observed that the review provides a welcome opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of UNAMID operations, including support to early recovery and development.

9. At the request of the African Union, the participants agreed that the next meeting would take place in January 2013 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on the margins of the African Union Summit.



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