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Egypt: Bonino, Italy working to restore National dialogue



Egypt: Bonino, Italy working to restore National dialogue


ROME, Italy, July 5, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ Italy is monitoring developments in Egypt with “heightened attention”, where “exceptional measures” have been introduced, and is working to facilitate “dialogue among all parties” so that those measures “last the shortest time possible”, Minister Emma Bonino stated during a briefing before the joint Parliamentary Constitutional Affairs, Foreign and Defence Commissions.

Process of constitutional normalisation obligatory, respect for fundamental rights

The minister explained that, in Egypt, a “significant” portion of the population considered the events under way as a “phase of revolution to correct recent deviations”, while another saw it as a “step backward in the democratic transition that limits the freedom of the Muslim Brotherhood”. The minister underscored that she “is never happy when the military comes into play” and that Italy was working so that “the exceptional measures last the shortest time possible” and toward the launch of “a process of constitutional normalisation respectful of fundamental rights “.

Appeal to all Egyptian political parties for maximum moderation and responsibility

Italy launched an “appeal to all Egyptian political parties for the maximum moderation and responsibility in loosening the tensions”, in order to establish a “dialogue capable of achieving consensus on a constitution based on the rule of law and inclusive institutions”. Italy is working toward “facilitating dialogue among the parties concerned” and “launching an electoral process that puts an end to the exceptional measures”. Italy “will once again be Egypt’s partner”, Bonino assured the Egyptian ambassador to Italy. The foreign ministry has employed a special team to monitor the situation of 19,000 Italians in Egypt.



Italy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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