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Egypt must find a political solution to the crisis



Egypt must find a political solution to the crisis


OSLO, Norway, July 3, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ “I am deeply concerned about the deadlocked political situation in Egypt. If the parties fail to find a political solution in the next few hours, the government could collapse, throwing the country into a serious crisis,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide.


Millions of people are taking part in the most massive protests Egypt has ever seen. Statements made by President Morsi, opposition leaders and the military indicate that a critical and decisive moment is imminent. Positions have hardened and many members of the Government have resigned. The way the crisis is resolved will have major consequences for Egypt’s future political development and for democratic development in the region as a whole.


Ever since President Morsi came to power, Norway has advocated that the authorities should initiate broad-based political processes and involve all segments of Egyptian society in the development of democracy. It is regrettable to have to acknowledge that this has not been achieved so far.


“Norway has supported, and will continue to support, the difficult transition to democratic rule in Egypt. We have maintained close contact with both the regime and the opposition, and we will continue our efforts to ensure that developments in the country are steered by the will of the people. I urge the parties to find a political solution based on constitutional measures and democratic values. No one benefits from the use of violence. It is essential that all parties refrain from violence, and the authorities have a particular responsibility to protect civilian demonstrators,” said Mr Eide.



Norway – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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