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National Forum of Community Radios in Kenya celebrates World Radio Day – 13 February, 2013



National Forum of Community Radios in Kenya celebrates World Radio Day – 13 February, 2013


NAIROBI, Kenya, February 12, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ UNESCO is honored to recognize the marvel of radio and harness its benefit for the first World Radio Day! World Radio Day in Kenya will be celebrated from 13 to 14 February in Mtito Andei and Voi, at the site of the country’s oldest community radio station. It is a joint initiative between UN Agencies and Programmes (UNESCO, UNDP, UN Radio), National Media stakeholders, media practitioners and community members from across Kenya. The 2-day event will highlight the role of community radio as a platform for communication among members of local communities in addressing current and anticipated issues that affect the very fabric of society.

The event will be composed of a series of workshops on new media and ICT, sustainability of community radio operations, and the production of civic education radio programming. It will also cover the issues of responsive election reporting and the importance of inter-tribal dialogue in promoting peace and democracy. A highlight of the celebrations will be the launch of “Media Coverage of the Mombasa Republican Council Monitoring Report” and “The Voice for Peace and Democracy Campaign” in preparation for the coming Kenyan election, leading up to the International Day of Democracy on 15 September. During this event, the Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Communications, will deliver a keynote address followed by a message from the Director General of UNESCO.

As the lead UN Agency for Communication and Information, UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa has organized this event with a view to communities’ central role in development. This will be an opportunity for community radios and its audiences to share experiences with their neighbors and the world, by applying new media and ICT tools for radio program development.

World Radio Day celebrates the radio medium to improve international cooperation among broadcasters and encourage decision makers to create and provide access to information. Radio has embraced the digital revolution to expand its power and reach. It is still the prominent medium that can carry any message to any place at any time even without electricity, providing a lifeline of information that can save lives.





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