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Personna Industrial Expands DermaBlade® Global Sales


Personna Industrial Expands DermaBlade® Global Sales


VERONA, Virginia, Nov. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire via African Press Organization (APO)/ — Personna Industrial announced today that it is expanding sales of its proprietary Personna DermaBlade offering dermatologists and physicians worldwide a safe shave biopsy instrument that delivers safety, superior performance and guaranteed sterility.


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DermaBlade was developed by Dr. Robert Segal, a renowned U.S. dermatologist, who saw the need to give dermatologists and physicians a safer, more precise instrument to perform shave biopsies. The product utilizes Personna’s exclusive MicroCoat® coated stainless steel blades to provide smooth, clean excisions with less trauma and irritation to tissue.


According to company officials, DermaBlade is the ultimate shave biopsy instrument available today and is rapidly being embraced by the medical community.


“Doctors and dermatologists everywhere are learning about Personna’s unique, sterile blade and adopting it in their practices because no other product has been able to give them the right product for skin biopsy procedures like DermaBlade can. It is simply the best instrument of its kind anywhere,” said Bob Senesac, Director of Marketing for Personna Industrial.


DermaBlade was also designed with safety in mind for both physicians and patients. A specially-molded design gives physicians a three-digit grip for extra control and precision, along with an added measure of safety when treating patients unlike double-edge razor blades or other instruments.


Manufactured in the U.S., each DermaBlade is individually packaged to guarantee sterility. And DermaBlade is disposable for added safety.


“Our goal is continuous product improvement,” Mr. Senesac said. “We are committed to providing the health care community with quality performance, safety and consistency in every blade we make. DermaBlade is one of many examples of that commitment.”


To find out more about Personna’s DermaBlade, visit Or to locate an authorized distributor to place an order, call 1-800-336-4061. International customers should call +44 78 9999 4229 to place an order.


Personna is one of the largest producers of medical, professional and industrial blades with manufacturing facilities in North America. With a reputation for quality, innovation and the production of some of the sharpest blades in the world, the Virginia-based company has become a household name in Dermatology by introducing several improvements in blade technology and medical instruments in the last few years. According to Mr. Senesac, 2013 promises to be another exciting year of innovation at Personna Industrial.


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