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Somalia: NUSOJ Condemns Killing of Journalists in a wave of Suicide bombings in Mogadishu



Somalia: NUSOJ Condemns Killing of Journalists in a wave of Suicide bombings in Mogadishu


MOGADISHU, Somalia, September 21, 2012/African Press Organization (APO)/ The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) vehemently condemns the barbaric attack that killed three journalists and wounded at least 7 other journalists after three suicide bombers blew themselves up at a cafeteria known for journalists’ gathering, on Thursday afternoon around 5:50pm local time bringing the total journalists killed this year alone to 12, while the union sends its condolences and shares the tragedy with the Somali media community at large.


The Journalists killed in the attack include Liibaan Ali Nor and Abdisatar Dahir Sabriye of Somali National Television and Abdirahman Yasin, Director of local independent Radio station, Radio Hamar, VoD, on the spot. Whereas, Abdiqadir Ahmed Timoos, Mohamed Husein “Gentleman”, Mohamed Ibrahim “Biibaaye” of radio Mogadishu and SNTV, Abdullahi Mohamed “Suldaan” and Nuure Mohamed Ali of kulmiye radio, Mohamed Bishaar of Mustaqbal Radio and Abdikarin Gutale of S24 Television were wounded among them severely, according to witnesses accounts. All reporters and newscasters, anchors, editor and director at their respective media stations. Five of these wounds are currently receiving treatment from Madina Hospital and other privately owned hospitals. There are other journalists slightly wounded, but were discharged from the hospitals due to their injuries..


The attack, took place at the Village restaurant better known as “Hooyooyinka” across from the National Theatre, where journalists and media workers regularly meet. Witnesses said that the attackers refused any chance of escape by first blowing up in the middle of the restaurant and when people fled for survival, another suicide attacker blew himself up at the only entrance of the restaurant by killing those who survived the first suicide attacker followed by another one outside the restaurant .

“I was completely lucky, I left the area five minutes before the attack.” Abdifatah Omar Halane, director of Gool FM Radio told NUSOJ while he was on the way to the hospital carrying wounds “this is a complete tragedy and loss of many important friends and colleagues.”


No group has claimed the responsibility of the attack. But similar attacks were carried out previously by the Shabab militant group.


The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) condemns this violent attack against the journalists in the strongest terms possible, while the union sends its sympathies and condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of those killed in the attack and wishes those injured for immediate recovery.


“We are shocked by these Horrific attack against the journalists and we condemn the act in the strongest terms possible.” Mohamed Ibrahim, NUSOJ Secretary General said, “Though words can not express how awful this is but We send our condolences to the families and friends of killed journalists and share the pains of these disasters to all the Somali media community at large.”


“Somali Journalists and media workers should be vigilant about the public gatherings to avoid further risks and call for the Somali government to launch urgent investigations into the killings of Somali Journalists and bring the killers to court” Mr. Ibrahim added.


This year, 2012. was a bloody year for the Somali journalists bringing the total journalists and media workers to 12.


The National Union of Somali Journalists once again warns all journalists and media workers in Mogadishu to stay away from public gatherings and should take safety precautions as much as possible.

Most of the Journalists and media workers lack the needed safety trainings, an important skills for hostile environments.


The National Union of Somali Journalists urges to journalists and media workers who work in these difficult and dangerous situation to continue their work and not be intimidated by these senseless attacks, which is meant to silence the Somalia media.


NUSOJ will update you the list of the slightly wounded journalists shortly.



National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ)


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