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New York Forum AFRICA: Energy – Digital – Agriculture – Tourism – Diaspora… “Rethinking Africa’s future”

New York Forum AFRICA: Energy – Digital – Agriculture – Tourism – Diaspora… “Rethinking Africa’s future”

D-10 – The first New York Forum AFRICA will be held in two weeks time, from 8 to 10 June 2012, in Libreville in Gabon.

LIBREVILLE, Gabon, May 29, 2012/African Press Organization (APO)/ D-10 – The first New York Forum AFRICA will be held in two weeks time, from 8 to 10 June 2012, in Libreville in Gabon.


Led by Richard Attias & Associates, under the patronage of President Ali Bongo Ondimba and in collaboration with the Gabonese government, more than 600 international opinion leaders, business leaders, economists and politicians will come together in pursuit of a common goal: strengthening the continent’s role and presence in the global economy.

Africa holds promise for the 21st century

While growth in the United States and Europe seems to be slowing, Africa is proving surprising. As Andrew Burns, World Bank manager of the Development Prospects Group, announced: “Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the global growth drivers, even if it is a limited driver for the time being. But that was also the case of China 20 years ago. Let’s hope that Africa will provide us with a similar story “.

Africa, a continent brimming with promise, has still to overcome several challenges in terms of infrastructure, training, food security, health and stability. The New York Forum AFRICA is dual-facetted: reveal, to the various actors in the world economy, the potential and opportunities of an entire continent, while developing specific solutions that meet Africa’s key development needs.

Contributing to Africa’s development in Africa and by Africa

The New York Forum AFRICA ( will bring together economic policy makers and opinion leaders from around the world, on the African continent, in the presence of key stakeholders in the African economy.

On June 11 2011, as part of this event, a special day will be devoted to women’s problems in Africa through Dialogue for Action AFRICA, organized by the Cecilia Attias Foundation for Women.

Richard Attias, President of Richard Attias & Associates, stated: “Like many others who are very familiar with this continent where I was born, I have always been convinced that Africa’s development is essential for the world to function properly. This is why I have organised major international events across the continent, in Morocco of course, but also in South Africa, Namibia, Mauritius or Senegal. The New York Forum AFRICA aims to firmly establish itself in Africa, bringing together the energy and drive of an entire continent every year”.

Bringing together pan-African talent

From Rabat to Johannesburg via Lagos, an entire continent and prestigious personalities from around the world will engage in Libreville, Gabon, to reflect on the success of this transition. Among these figures, the following will attend:

    IDELPHONSE AFFOGBOLO (Côte d’Ivoire), CEO of Africa Capital

    ABDELSLAM AHIZOUNE (Morocco), CEO of Morocco Telecom

    JUDITH AIDOO (Ghana), CEO of Caswell Capital Partners

    BASSEM AWADALLAH (Jordan), former Minister of Finance and Planning and former Director of the Royal Court of Jordan, CEO of Tamoh Advisory

    JALOUL AYED (Tunisia), former Minister of Finance in the interim Government of Tunisia

    Jean-Louis BILLON (Côte d’Ivoire), President of Sifca, President of Côte d’Ivoire’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    TADDY BLECHER (South Africa), President and CEO of Community and Individual Development     Association

    IRINA BOKOVA (Bulgaria), Director General of UNESCO

    YAYI BONI (Benin), President of Benin

    JEAN CHRETIEN (Canada), former Prime Minister of Canada

    TERESA CLARKE (United States), CEO of

    COLIN COLEMAN (South Africa), Director of South African Operations at Goldman Sachs

    ELISABETH DARBORN DAVIS (Rwanda), co-founder of the Akilah Institute for Women

    SHEN FENG (China), President of Beijing Hong Shi Feng Ming

    JAY IRELAND (United States), CEO of General Electric Africa

    ANGÉLIQUE KIDJO (Benin), singer, winner of a Grammy Award

    LI LAN (China), Director of the International Division of Shanghai Construction Group

    KWADWO KWAKYE (Ghana), CEO of Young Explorers Consult

    ANNE LAUVERGEON (France), former CEO of Areva

    WALTER MZEMBI (Zimbabwe), Minister of Tourism of Zimbabwe

    NDIDI NWUNELI (Nigeria), founder of LEAP Africa

    PAUL OBAMBI (Republic of Congo), President of Sapo Group

    MARIA LUISA PERDIGAO ABRANTES (Angola), CEO of National Agency of Private Investments

    KASIM REED (United States), Mayor of Atlanta

    MARC RENNARD (France), Executive Vice President EMEA-Orange

    ROLAND RICH (Australia), Executive Director of the United Nations Fund for Democracy

    SAM THENYA (Kenya), President of Nairobi Women’s Hospital

    HAMADOUN TOURE (Mali), Secretary General of International Telecommunications Union

    GAO XIGING (China), President of China Investment Corporation

    ABDERRAFE ZOUITENE (Morocco), CEO of Royal Air Morocco…

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