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19th Africa Oil Week: Celebration of over 30 years of in-depth engagement inside and within the African oil and gas industry

19th Africa Oil Week: Celebration of over 30 years of in-depth engagement inside and within the African oil and gas industry

THE HAGUE, Netherland, May 11, 2012/African Press Organization (APO)/ Letter to the Editors from Duncan Clarke – Chairman & CEO – Global Pacific & Partners:

At the release of our Conference Program for 19th Africa Oil Week 2012, with final Brochure mailed next week, we are pleased this year to celebrate our over 30 years of in-depth engagement inside and within the African oil and gas industry across all regions and key countries – in Southern, Western, Eastern and Northern Africa.


The 19th Africa Oil Week 2012 Program may be found on for your information. Our landmark 19th Africa Oil Week 2012 in Cape Town will welcome 900-plus delegates, once again as the key industry event in and on Africa with the crème-de-la-crème of the Continent and world oil and gas game in attendance.

Our initial efforts from 1980 onwards were directed at in-depth research on oil and gas across all countries and on National Oil Companies in Africa for Governments and private clients, plus on the ventures and strategies of a growing cast of corporate competitors, thereafter Advisory Practice in/on Africa, later through our well known Conference suite that spans the Continent, our renown Strategy Briefings on Africa, and the well-established PetroAfricanus Club that has hosted 45 Dinners with Guest Speakers and over 3,500 Guests for one decade in Tunis, Marrakech, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lagos, Cape Town and London.

Additionally, we have been honoured to have conducted Mandates for numerous Government Roadshows in Africa and for Licensing Agencies around the world, while our footprints across Africa have widened and our engagements deepened in several related spheres: with the establishment of the African Institute of Petroleum from 1996, our Young Professionals for Africa Program, and the conduct of over 250 events on Africa-wide exploration and oil/gas industry themes, including many Private Client Briefings.

Our related work has involved significant continuing research and publications over recent years, including the Continent’s first oil historiography covering a century of African exploration, Africa: Crude Continent: The Struggle for Africa’s Oil Prize (Profile Books, London – now in itsThird Edition, with a Film/Documentary made on this book by CNBC-Africa, and shown across the Continent). Our work has been recently supplemented by our newly-published Africa’s Future: Darkness to Destiny (Profile Books, 2012), which portrays our decades of economic research in and on Africa that complements our oil/energy industry focus.

Our journey continues, and we have several new initiatives currently in process to augment our wide portfolio on Africa, and worldwide, as the leading firm of our type, both coming from and born in Africa, with our Johannesburg Office established since 1994, and our company deeply engaged in its oil and gas industry and economic future.

We will present our Corporate Profile: Thirty Years In Africa on this long trek in Cape Town at our 19th Africa Oil Week 2012 in Cape Town (29th October-2nd November), and we hope you might join us and others there to mark this occasion.

Distributed by the African Press Organization for Global Pacific & Partners.


Duncan Clarke – Chairman & CEO

Babette van Gessel – Vice Chairman & Deputy CEO

Global Pacific & Partners

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