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The African Union deeply concerned by the ongoing crisis in the transitional federal parliament of Somalia


The African Union deeply concerned by the ongoing crisis in the transitional federal parliament of Somalia


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, January 16, 2012/African Press Organization (APO)/ — The Chair person of th e Commission of the    African Union (AU), Je an Ping, expresses de ep concern over the lingering dispute in the    Transitional Federal Parliament (TFP) of So malia. In th e past week s, the TFP has been e mbroiled in a paralysis and, on on e occasion, a brawl, as a result of th e removal o f the Speaker of the TFP, Honourable Sharif Hassan Sheik h Aden.


The Chai rperson of the Commission regrets the inability of some members of the TFP to demonstrate the re quired mat urity and r ise to the challenges facing their country. In particular, he notes that the ele ction of a ne w Speaker, in violation of the Kamp ala Accord of June 201 1 and the Mogadishu Political Roa dmap of Se ptember 2 011, can only complica te the ongo ing efforts to move fo rward the peace and re conciliation process in Somalia, at a time wh en the AU a nd IGAD are taking furth er steps to strengthen AMISOM and consolida te the gains made on t he ground a gainst the Al Shabaab te rrorist group.


The Chairperson of t he Commis sion fully associates him self with the press release issued by


the IGAD Council of Ministers o n 9 Januar y 2012, in support of t he decision made by th e

National Security Committee of Somalia on the situatio n.    

The Chairperson of t he Commis sion appeals to the me mbers of the    TFP, in line with the c all

by the Peace and Security Council (PSC) at its 306th meeting held on 5 Jan uary 2012, to immediately resolv e the ongoing dispute, with due respect for the provisions of th e Kampala Accord and other relev ant instrum ents. He reiterates the determination of the AU


to take all    necessa ry measur es    against any individuals engaged in actions aimed    at

undermining the pe ace and re conciliation process in Somalia, a s well as the efforts    of AMISOM .            


The AU, working with IGAD and the UN, re mains comm itted to assisting the S omali political leadership and all Somali stakeholders, inc luding by facilitating constructive resolution of the present situation in order for the TFP to resume its rightful role in acc elerating th e implementation of t he political Roadmap a s the inter national co mmunity is, with focused attention at this moment, working assiduously to enhance its support to the peace process in Somalia.


The Chairperson of the Commission reiterates AU’s appreciation for the central role being played by IGAD and its Chair, Ethiopia, and for its continuing commitment to the promotion of lasting peace, security and stability in Somalia.



African Union Commission (AUC)


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