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360 Degree Perspective of the Sub-Saharan African Telecommunications Market


360 Degree Perspective of the Sub-Saharan African Telecommunications Market




    NEW YORK, July 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

360 Degree Perspective of the Sub-Saharan African Telecommunications Market

This study covers the state of the Sub Saharan African telecommunications market, by strategically examining drivers and restraints for growth, key trends and their impact on the market, key strategies that CEOs need to consider ensuring market survival as well as identifies the key opportunities for future growth in the market. Following from these, market growth for regional and market segments are forecasted. In addition, an in-depth analysis of the competitive situation including key operators’ market strategies is performed,. The base year is 2009 with forecasts running through 2015. The market is assessed based on fixed line, mobile/wireless and internet service segments.

Table of Contents


Future Technology and Society Trends and Its Implications on Communication Services

Top Trends in the Industry

Future Outlook of the Market – Mobile, Fixed Line and Broadband Service Forecasts

Key Market Opportunities to 2012 – Geographic and Services

Technology Trends to 2012

Strategies for Operator Survival in the African Telecommunications Market

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List of Figures

Telecommunications Market: Tower Sharing Strategies (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009 60

List of Charts

Telecommunications Market: Elements (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009 10

Telecommunications Market: Population Breakdown by Region (World), 2010 and 2020 13

Telecommunications Market: Top Trends by Level of Impact and Degree of Certainty (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009 23

Telecommunications Market: Market Drivers (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2010-2012 26

Telecommunications Market: Market Restraints (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2010-2012 27

Telecommunications Market: Degree of Importance and Certainty of Drivers and Restraints (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2010-2012 28

Telecommunications Market: Mobile Subscribers by Country (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009 30

Telecommunications Market: Country Contribution to Mobile Net Additions (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009-2014 30

Telecommunications Market: Fixed Line Subscribers by Country (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009 31

Telecommunications Market: Fixed Line Net Additions by Country (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009-2012 31

Telecommunications Market: Broadband Subscribers by Country (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009 32

Telecommunications Market: Broadband Net Additions by Country (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009-2014 32

Telecommunications Market: Post-paid Vs. Pre-paid Composition (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009 33

Telecommunications Market: Post-paid Contributions to Subscriber Numbers (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009 and 2014 34

Telecommunications Market: Proportion of Voice Vs. Data ARPS across Selected Countries (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009 35

Telecommunication Market: Technology Adoption Trends (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009 and 2014 49

Telecommunication Market: Operator Competitive Strategy Effectiveness (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009 53

Telecommunication Market: Operator Cost Management Strategy Effectiveness (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009 57

Telecommunication Market: Effectiveness of Operator Strategies for Margins (Sub-Saharan Africa), 2009 62

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Telecommunication Services Industry: 360 Degree Perspective of the Sub-Saharan African Telecommunications Market

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