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FOCUS-LIBYA: In Istanbul, an Italian proposal for the negotiations, says Frattini



FOCUS-LIBYA: In Istanbul, an Italian proposal for the negotiations, says Frattini


ROME, Italy, July 14, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ — FOCUS-LIBYA: In Istanbul, an Italian proposal for the negotiations, says Frattini.

“The ‘day after Gaddafi’ will be the focus of the Contact Group meeting” on Libya taking place in Istanbul this Friday, 15 July 2011. The announcement was made by Minister Franco Frattini in his report on Italy’s international missions to Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defence Committees.

It is important, in Minister Frattini’s view, to engage in “stabilisation initiatives. Not just humanitarian interventions, but technical assistance too, to strengthen and support the structure of the new Libya”. Minister Frattini reminded the Committees that the TNC has pledged to respect the contractual commitments and economic relations previously entered into with Italy and pointed out that “Italy wants to play a decisive role in tomorrow’s Libya”.

And our country will be bringing some key proposals to Istanbul, including a “political plan” with a “negotiating offer” to the two sides. The Minister spoke of how best to “step up the pressure on Gaddafi’s regime”, and of “how to reinforce the role of the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy” and enhance the status of the TNC. Italy, he underscored, is in constant touch with “our TNC friends in Benghazi”, with whom our country has a special relationship.

For this reason, “Italy has never had and never will have direct contacts with Tripoli”, explained the Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maurizio Massari. “Italy’s only partner in the dialogue is the TNC. We have indirect contacts with Tripoli through other partners, such as the African Union. Ideas can circulate, even without direct contacts”, he added, reiterating that “contacts with Tripoli must, as far as possible, be made by the UN special envoy”.

As regards the talks to resolve the crisis, Massari stated that Italy considers the position expressed by the African Union at its recent summit in Malabo to be a “step forward” and a “positive” proposal. The proposal envisages negotiations being opened between the parties concerned, without Gaddafi taking part. “Italy”, explained Massari, “has always felt it was important to involve the African Union in seeking a political solution to the Libya crisis, even when we weren’t on the same wavelength. Today, after the Malabo summit, where the AU proposed a solution without Gaddafi, its presence is even more important”.



Italy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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