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EAC ministers of education meet to consider progress in sector



EAC ministers of education meet to consider progress in sector


ARUSHA, Tanzania, July 12, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Officials from EAC Partner States’ Education, Science and Technology, Culture and Sports ministries are meeting in Arusha this week to consider regional progress in the various sectors.


The 9th Meeting of the EAC Sectoral Council on Education, Science and Technology, Culture and Sports runs from 11 to 15 July at the Naura Springs Hotel and will be attended by technocrats and Permanent Secretaries and concludes with a Ministers’ session on Friday 15 July.


According to the EAC Principal Education Officer, Mr. Aloysius Chebet, the meeting will review the current status on the implementation of Council decisions on Education, Science and Technology, Culture and Sports.


Due for consideration are reports on the Study on the Harmonization of the East African Education System and Training Curricula; the Assessment of Prospective EAC Centres of Excellence; Resource Mobilization Strategies for the Education Sector Response to HIV and AIDS and; the Report of the Culture and Sports Experts on EAC Arts and Culture Festivals and Sports Tournament Programmes.


Sectoral Council to Consider Study on Harmonization of Education Systems


The Study on Harmonization of the EAC Education Systems and Training, completed in October 2009, recommends the harmonization of the education calendar; core subjects; years of study; and number of study hours and subject content at all levels of education in the Partner States. It’s submission to the Sectoral Council follows rigorous validation exercises conducted by experts from EAC Partner States.


Once approved, it is envisaged that the Report recommendations will be transformed into strategies for the different education sub-sectors in the region including; Pre-Primary and Primary Education, Secondary Education, Teacher Education, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Special Needs and Non Formal Education and Education Planning and Management.


EAC Culture Festival in the Pipeline


The meeting will review a report submitted by EAC Culture and Sports experts which details plans for the establishment of regular EAC arts and culture festivals and sports tournaments. The technical experts developed a detailed roadmap, activity plan and budget as well a financing strategy for holding the EAC culture festivals and sports tournaments, with the first edition of the EAC Arts and Culture Festival slated for September 2012. The first edition of the EAC Sports Tournament is planned to follow in June 2013.


The EAC Principal Sports and Culture Officer Mr Bernard Bakaye asserts that the planned regional festivals are particularly important because “culture and sports are the greatest unifiers, transcending race and religion”, and adds that “we have to take advantage of these tools at our disposal”.


Meeting to Review Prospective Centres of Excellence


The Sectoral Council meeting will consider a report on the assessment of prospective EAC Centres of Excellence. The assessment that commenced on 15 May 2011 in Kigali, Rwanda and ended 6 June covered more than 20 institutions of learning in the EAC Partner States.


These included various faculties at the University of Burundi; the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Tumba College of Technology and Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (IRST) in Rwanda; University of Nairobi – College of Health Sciences and Kenya Marines and Fisheries Research Institute; Uganda Industrial Research Institute and the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences at Makerere University; University of Dar es Salaam – Marine Sciences (Zanzibar), Dar es Salaam Maritime Institute; and Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa) among others.


Mutual Recognition of the Academic and Professional Qualifications


The meeting will also review progress made on directives to ensure the Mutual Recognition of the Academic and Professional Qualifications in conformity to one of the annexes of the EAC Common Market Protocol. The Council of Ministers at its 22nd Ordinary Meeting in April this year referred unconcluded matters on the Mutual Recognition of Academic and Professional Qualifications to the Sectoral Council on Education, Science and Technology, Culture and Sports.


It also directed the EAC Secretariat to facilitate a forum of competent authorities of the Partner States to develop common benchmarks for recognition of foreign qualifications within one year after the adoption of the Annex on Mutual Recognition of Academic and Professional Qualifications.


At their Friday meeting Ministers will also discuss the concept paper on the introduction of E-learning in the EAC Education institutions.



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