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SUPREME DEFENCE COUNCIL – “Crucial” role of Italy, Libya and foreign missions



SUPREME DEFENCE COUNCIL – “Crucial” role of Italy, Libya and foreign missions


ROME, Italy, July 6, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ — The “international situation, particularly the crises under way in the countries of North Africa, the Middle East and in Afghanistan and their foreseeable developments”; the “operational commitments of the Italian armed forces in the various theatres”; maintenance of Italy’s “crucial” role “in support of international security and stability” even while “facing a reduction in available financial resources”; “trends in operations in Libya and their prospects” – these were the items on the agenda of today’s meeting of the Supreme Defence Council held at the Presidential Palace in Rome and chaired by President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. A press release summarizing the discussions was issued at the end of the meeting.

LIBYA – Regarding the Libyan crisis, especially important to Italy, progress in the operations under way and their prospects were evaluated. It was deemed advisable to jointly assess, with our allies, possible actions to undertake in the post-conflict situation at the end of the UN mandate.

CONTINGENT ABROAD – The Council expressed its appreciation and deep tribute to the Italian military and civilians engaged in international missions with conviction and spirit of sacrifice, agreeing on the advisability of proceeding, in concert with international institutions and taking into account developments on the ground, toward any possible redefinition of our contingents, and the search for solutions will be pondered and timely”.

ITALY’S CRUCIAL ROLE EVEN WITH REDUCED RESOURCES – With special attention to the crises under way in North Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan, the Supreme Council examined the operational commitments of the Italian armed forces in the various theatres and the possibility of a further qualification that would allow our country, despite reduced resources, to maintain its crucial role in supporting international security and stability in response to threats, risks and responsibilities Italy cannot shrink from, but that must also contribute to confronting the protection of its own strategic interests.



Italy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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