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The Italian Foreign Ministry welcomes the International Criminal Court ruling on Gaddafi



The Italian Foreign Ministry welcomes the International Criminal Court ruling on Gaddafi


ROME, Italy, June 28, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ — The Foreign Ministry has welcomed the speed and sense of responsibility shown by the International Criminal Court in acting upon the mandate conferred by UN Security Council Resolution 1970 on Libya with effect from 15 February 2011.

The ruling announced today by the court at The Hague confirms Gaddafi’s grave responsibilities and those of his son, Saim, and son-in-law, Al Senoussi. It recognises their role in the murders committed by the Libyan armed forces and their persecution of opponents of the regime since 15 February 2011, especially in Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata. Such actions can indeed be categorised as crimes against humanity.

There has been no shortage of proof of such deeds in the numerous images and testimonies of Gaddafi’s cruelty against his own people. The Court’s ruling on his proven responsibility lends further legitimacy to the absolute need for and utmost value of NATO’s humanitarian mission in Libya under the UN mandate. The mission falls under the international community’s “responsibility to protect” in humanitarian emergencies caused by acts of repression committed by dictators against their own people. The ruling also confirms that Gaddafi has lost any legitimacy – moral even more than political – vis-à-vis the Libyan people and the international community. He is no longer entitled, therefore, in any capacity, to play any role whatsoever in the future Libya.

Italy will continue to make a strong and convinced contribution to the work of the International Criminal Court. With its partners and allies, our country will continue in its commitment to the international mission to open the way to a political solution to the Libyan crisis and create a united, democratic Libya without Gaddafi.



Italy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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