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First Inter-continental Personnel Tracking in GPS-denied Environments by NAViSEER From SEER Technology

First Inter-continental Personnel Tracking in GPS-denied Environments by NAViSEER From SEER Technology


SALT LAKE CITY, May 13, 2011/PRNewswire via African Press Organization (APO)/ —

– SEER’s NAViSEER(R) Precision Personnel Tracking System transmits geo- position data halfway around the globe in real time, tracking personnel in Hong Kong and displaying their position to observers in New York City.


SEER Technology announced a successful, first ever inter-continental

demonstration of personnel tracking in a GPS-denied environment using its

NAViSEER Precision Personnel Tracking System.


In a meeting with public safety officials in New York, SEER demonstrated

live tracking of personnel wearing the NAViSEER in both Hong Kong and Salt

Lake City, displaying their exact positions on monitors in an Operations

Center in New York City.


The demonstration was part of the company’s introduction of its new

NAViSEER Global System for Mobile (GSM) Personnel Tracking System. SEER

proved the NAViSEER has the capability to relay the geo-position data it

generates to locations anywhere in the world for display on its 2D and 3D

visualization software.


“A NAViSEER unit worn by personnel either indoors or outdoors, with or

without GPS, will generate highly accurate geo-position data in seconds,”

said Dick Gibson, SEER Senior Vice President of Sales. “Using SEER’s 2D and

3D software, a wireframe diagram of any building or facility in the world can

be constructed in seconds without prior knowledge or information about that

building. This gives viewers the ability to precisely determine the location

of their personnel at all times. For firefighters, police officers, military

personnel, and other first responders, this technology, which never existed

before, can save lives.”


Attendees at the New York demonstration watched as the scene unfolded on

SEER’s 2D and 3D displays. From half a world away they were able to

accurately track a person wearing a NAViSEER in a GPS-denied environment in a

Hong Kong high-rise building. They were able to see the avatar representing

the actual person going up and down elevators and stairs and maneuvering in

hallways on multiple floors of the building


SEER continued the demonstration but this time the focus was back to the

United States, illustrating the path of a NAViSEER tracker deployed in an

office building in Salt Lake City, Utah. This never before seen technology

worked flawlessly.


“NAViSEER ignores all boundaries and borders, offering a truly global

solution to tracking those who serve in harm’s way,” said Fred Gallander,

SEER’s CEO. “Through the NAViSEER’s unique capabilities, for the first time

in history commanders can precisely track their personnel’s exact locations

in all corners of the globe without ever leaving their Operations Center.

NAViSEER generates instant location data on each and every member of the

deployed team, providing unprecedented situational awareness to the C2 node.”


SEER announced that the NAViSEER Personnel Tracking System will have a

full international release in June 2011 and will be available through the

company’s global network of sales representatives.


About SEER Technology


SEER Technology is a privately held company based in Salt Lake City,

Utah. SEER is the developer and manufacturer of the NAViSEER Personnel

Tracking System and the AccuSense Chemical Recognition System. NAViSEER and

AccuSense bring groundbreaking technology to safety, security and health

professionals by deploying ruggedized laboratory technology for in the field

real world deployment.


Further information and Press Inquiries:

Bob Lutnicki, Vice President Business Development

SEER Technology

2681 Parleys Way

Salt Lake City, Utah 84109 USA

Office: +1-801-746-7888

FAX: +1-801-708-7259

Cell: +1-435-640-8878



Source: SEER Technology


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