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Immigration Emergency / Italy-Tunisia accord under the scrutiny of the Council of Ministers




Immigration Emergency / Italy-Tunisia accord under the scrutiny of the Council of Ministers



ROME, Italy, March 31, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ — The accord between Italy and Tunisia for containment of migratory flows, the result of a recent mission by Ministers Franco Frattini and Roberto Maroni [Interior], is under the scrutiny of the Council of Ministers. The immigrants already in Italy “must be repatriated to Tunisia or distributed among other European countries”, Minister Frattini explained, adding that the Tunisian authorities had blocked 1200 persons over the past 48 hours, for a total of 20 boatloads about to set sail for Italy. After pointing out that the Tunisian foreign minister had made a “formal pledge” to Italy, Frattini expressed his hope that “we will be seeing concrete results in the coming hours”.

Italy has requested the help of Europe in confronting the immigration emergency, not only economically but with a plan for distributing the refugees among all the Member States. “Europe has been totally inert in this period”, Frattini underscored yesterday, calling for “political intervention”. In addition to funds, that is, it is necessary “to apply a European law clearly establishing the adoption of an extraordinary plan with any sudden influx of refugees toward one or more Member States, which includes the distribution of the refugees among Members within the temporary timeframe necessary to repatriate those who are not refugees, as in the case of the Tunisians, who are simply economic immigrants”.



Italy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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