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Focus-Libya/ Contact Group; unity of intention for the future of Libya, says Frattini





Focus-Libya/ Contact Group; unity of intention for the future of Libya, says Frattini



ROME, Italy, March 30, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ — This was Minister Franco Frattini’s comment after the Contact Group meeting in London, the first session involved the countries participating in the Libyan mission, while the second was enlarged to the representatives of the 37 countries and 4 international organizations present.

Everyone agreed that it was up to the Libyans to decide their own future in a process led by the National Transitional Council (NTC), and in which “Gaddafi cannot take part: the Rais has to go”, the Minister added. Frattini then stressed the need to “support a united effort at launching a dialogue that would include all the components of Libyan society, tribal groups and organised constitution-oriented forces alike”. In this framework “ceasefire is certainly indispensable” and hinges on Gaddafi’s exit from the scene, “otherwise”, the minister explained, “the country risks being split in two”.

Humanitarian assistance is another essential point, and was the object of the minister’s meetings with his colleagues from Qatar, UAE and Turkey. “Italy will continue to play a leading role in humanitarian efforts; we are thinking, with these other countries, of corridors not only in the east, but also in areas such as Misurata, which, once Gaddafi’s troops have withdrawn, will be left to its devastation”. Frattini then pointed out that an EU humanitarian mission, with operational headquarters in Rome, was being planned.

Frattini expressed “regret” for the absence of the African Union (AU) at the conference; but “we won’t give up: we intend to get them involved”, the head of Italian diplomacy explained.



Italy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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