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Focus – Libya: “Contact Group” ideas. Let’s use the available UN instruments, Italy says




Focus – Libya: “Contact Group” ideas. Let’s use the available UN instruments, Italy says



ROME, Italy, March 30, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Among the options for achieving the final goal of a “new Libya” that the Contact Group discussed at their London meeting, were Gaddafi’s exile and arms for the rebels. Italy’s position, both regarding the final goal, as well as the contingent options for achieving it, were reiterated by Minister Franco Frattini at the London meeting. What was accomplished at the London meeting, according to the minister, was “an extremely positive political outcome: indeed, there was unity of vision on the fact that the mission is not an end in itself, and that the objective is a political solution for the future of Libya”. In other words, according to Frattini it was up to the Libyans “to decide their own future in a process led by the National Transitional Council (NTC), and in which “Gaddafi cannot take part: the Rais has to go”. It is therefore necessary “to support a united effort at launching a dialogue that would include all the components of Libyan society, tribal groups and organised constitution-oriented forces alike”. In this framework “ceasefire is certainly indispensable” and hinges on Gaddafi’s exit from the scene, “otherwise”, the minister explained, “the country risks being split in two”.

A “controversial measure” that “would certainly divide the international community”, as foreign ministry spokesperson Maurizio Massari described the eventual “arming of the rebels”. An option that “is not at all certain” to be “the ideal solution to stopping the massacre of the civilian population”; while Italy’s position is that it is necessary to “use the instruments available: the no-fly zone and humanitarian corridors to alleviate the situation on the ground”. There was consensus in London on the idea of exile for Gaddafi, as the most “preferable option for putting an end to the violence against civilians”. Exile, however, “does not mean immunity, does not constitute international safe-conduct, but would rather make it possible for Gaddafi to leave Libya and for the political process to resume given the ceasefire”. Necessary for the viability of such an option would be the collaboration of the African Union, which was absent from the London meeting and which, along with the UN, is the international institution best-prepared to mediate in Libya.



Italy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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