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Focus-Libya / Frattini, toward an EU-AU-Arab League summit





Focus-Libya / Frattini, toward an EU-AU-Arab League summit


ROME, Italy, March 16, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ — There are “good prospects” for an EU, African Union, Arab League meeting “in the next 7 days” for the purpose of agreeing on conclusions and “fostering the Security Council’s adoption of a package of measures that includes a ceasefire”.

This was Minister Franco Frattini’s assertion as he spoke before the joint parliamentary foreign affairs commissions. Indeed, Frattini underscored the need for the “strong political conviction” not only of the Arab League but of the African Union also, and then pointed out that the international community was weighing the possibility of a no-fly zone over Libya and naval patrol of its coastline to strengthen the arms embargo.

Moreover, the head of Italian diplomacy urged dialogue and consultation with the most important Libyan tribes with regard to a broad-based solution. He also ruled out Italy’s participation in a “coalition of the willing”. When the Arab League and the African Union “speak of the preclusion of any intervention on Libyan soil by land, it is clear that the no-fly zone, which would surely not be the answer to everything, remains the most encouraging prospect, on which, nevertheless, agreement has not yet been reached”.



Italy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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