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Measures taken by the Foreign Ministry and by the Italian Embassy in Tripoli for the repatriation of Italian nationals currently in Libya





Measures taken by the Foreign Ministry and by the Italian Embassy in Tripoli for the repatriation of Italian nationals currently in Libya



ROME, Italy, February 24, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ — The Foreign Minister is working ceaselessly to bring out all the Italian nationals who have expressed a desire to leave the country. Just over 48 hours from the sudden deterioration of the situation in Tripoli, in spite of the serious difficulties caused by the growing numbers of people crowding the airport, about 800 Italians have already left the international airport. Special Alitalia flights organised and funded by the Ministry’s Crisis Unit have also been used. Other flights organised in coordination with the Ministry of Defence, will, we hope by the end of today (23 February 2011), complete the transfer from the capital and the surrounding area. Over the last few days our collaboration with the companies located in Libya has also continued. These, using their own aircraft or scheduled flights, have sent their staff home to Italy.

In coordination with the Ministry of Defence we are working to bring about 150 Italian citizens stuck in the city of Misurata home by sea. We are also making every effort, including through coordination by the Community, to help about 40 Italian citizens currently in Benghazi to leave as soon as possible.

For Italian nationals who, singly or in groups, are currently in the central regions of Libya, and who have reported their intention to return home, a team led by the deputy head of the Crisis Unit has been sent from Rome. It is operating from Tripoli, albeit with the constraints imposed by this difficult situation, to help them return. It is providing a targeted and as sustained as possible a response to the critical situations brought to its attention.

The Foreign Ministry began some days ago to advise against travel of any kind first to Cyrenaica and then to Libya as a whole. The Crisis Unit’s Operations Room is working flat out to collect reports and respond to them as effectively as possible. The Ministry underscores the critical nature of the security situation in Libya, which is further complicated by the serious problems affecting lines of communication, both internal ones and international lines into the country.

The Foreign Ministry points out that the wide-ranging and systematic repatriation plan, which has been implemented in a very short timescale and with a detailed plan for collaboration between the institutions concerned, has helped bring nearly 1000 Italians back to safety. The Ministry notes that some complaints have been reported in the press by individual Italians concerning shortcomings in the help provided by our diplomatic structure in Libya. It underscores in this respect that our diplomatic missions have acted effectively and with the utmost commitment.

The Embassy has had to manage a situation that deteriorated in just a few hours, with serious problems caused by the implosion of the security structures and the extremely difficult communications. But right from the start of the crisis it has effectively addressed 100s of cases involving Italian nationals in difficulty. It has worked tirelessly, in circumstances where its staff is at risk. Thanks also to the reinforcements sent promptly by Rome, the Embassy of Italy in Tripoli will continue to provide the necessary protection for those Italians still in Libya.



Italy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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