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North Africa / Europe should not impose models, says Frattini




North Africa / Europe should not impose models, says Frattini


ROME, Italy, February 22, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Minister Franco Frattini attended the EU Foreign Ministers’ Council in Brussels today, 21 February 2011, dedicated to the crisis in the countries of North Africa. The Minister expressed concern over the possible divisions between Tripoli and the Cyrenaica region. The possible consequences of the crises on migratory flows in the Mediterranean are a further cause for concern.

“We cannot say: this is our model, take it”, said Frattini. “Europe must not do this, because it would constitute a failure to respect the sovereignty and independence of the peoples’ concerned”, he underscored. “We must support, but not interfere with, all the transition processes now under way”, stated the Minister, referring not solely to Libya. Frattini stressed the need to mobilise funds and resources to help the countries of North Africa. “If we were to tolerate economic collapse in these countries we’d be the first to pay the consequences”, he noted, referring to increased flows of migrants.

Frattini expressed deep concern “possible Islamic emirates are taking shape in eastern Libya. Just tens of kilometres from Europe, this would be a highly dangerous factor. There is an urgent need to launch a process of peaceful national reconciliation and to stop the violence, while at the same time defending Libya’s territorial integrity”, added Frattini. “That’s why we consider a national reconciliation process to be urgent and hope that it will lead to a Libyan Constitution”, he underscored.

In an in-depth telephone conversation, Minister Frattini and the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, agreed on the importance during this sensitive period of offering concrete signals of political solidarity to the countries of North Africa. They agreed too on the need for close liaison at the bilateral level, and between Europe and the United States, to promote an agreed response to foster stability and economic recovery in the region.

During their conversation, as part of the particularly intense contacts over recent days between Italian and US diplomacy on recent developments in North Africa, Frattini and Mrs Clinton discussed both sides’ assessment of the situation in Egypt, which the Minister will be visiting on Tuesday 22 February 2011.



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