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PAP Members Debate the Parliament’s Activity Report





PAP Members Debate the Parliament’s Activity Report



JOHANNESBURG, South-Africa, October 7, 2010/African Press Organization (APO)/ — On the third day of the Pan-African Parliament’s (PAP) Third Ordinary Session of the Second Parliament, the President of PAP Hon. Dr. Moussa Idriss Ndélé presented the Parliament’s Activity Report for the period May to September 2010.


The report focused on the various meetings that PAP participated in. Amongst those were the African Union Summit in Kampala, Uganda, where the President of PAP focused on the Parliament’s transformation to a legislative Organ and also financial issues that are impacting negatively on how the organization is being run currently. Also, the 36th Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Francophonie held in Dakar, Senegal. There the President of PAP received the President of Senegal’s support and commitment “to support PAP in its transformation process,” says the President of PAP. While there, the President of the Women’s Caucus, Hon. Farida Ilimi had an opportunity to share her views on women’s participation in political life in Africa. Another meeting noted was the Fourth Vice President of PAP’s mission to Harare to engage with the African Capacity Building Foundation’s (ACBF) officials. The President was happy to report that the mission was a success and “misunderstandings were cleared up.”


On the matter of Parliamentary activities, several areas of concern were identified. In relation to the business of Permanent Committees during the period 5 to 8 August 2010, finance and administrative problems “hampered the smooth running of their work”, he told the parliament.


With regards to election observer missions where the PAP aims to “promote the principles of Human Rights and Democracy in Africa”, joint missions with the African Union Commission and other AU organs were undertaken in Ethiopia, Sudan, Guinea Conakry, Burundi and Rwanda. The President said, “Unfortunately, it has been noted that the representation of PAP on these missions was very low.” He attributed this to financial difficulties.


The report was unanimously adopted by the House after a lively debate.


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