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Two Angolan children receiving medical treatment in Italy. An example of Italian solidarity, says Ambassador Mistretta





Two Angolan children receiving medical treatment in Italy. An example of Italian solidarity, says Ambassador Mistretta



ROME, Italy, August 25, 2010/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Two children with very serious medical conditions are being treated in Italy, thanks to the joint efforts of the Italian Embassy in Luanda and of Lombardy and Tuscany Regions, along with NGOs and Italian citizens and private organisations. “A chain of solidarity that is all Italian”, said Ambassador Giuseppe Mistretta, “and which has made this humanitarian initiative possible”.

The first case concerns a 9-year-old girl suffering from serious dermatological and gynaecological conditions for which treatment is not available in Angola. Accompanied by her mother, the little girl will be admitted to the children’s surgery department of San Matteo Hospital in Pavia on 19 September (2010). This result was achieved after a series of initiatives coordinated by the Italian Embassy in Luanda. In Liaison with the medics of Doctors with Africa CUAMM, an Italian NGO, who monitored the girl’s clinical situation, San Matteo Hospital was contacted. The hospital had said it would be willing to provide the complex, and expensive, specialist treatment that she needed. Lombardy Region was also brought into play to ensure that sufficient financial cover would be available from regional development cooperation programmes. On 11 August 2010 the treatment of the little girl in Italy was finally approved.

“Equally moving was the story of another child, a 13-year-old boy”, added Ambassador Mistretta. The boy has just returned to Angola from Italy, where he underwent surgery for a congenital heart malformation that could have caused irreparable damage. The boy, which attends the Inter Campus in Luanda, was treated in the Meyer Hospital in Florence in July. The operation was made possible thanks to Tuscany Region’s funds for humanitarian initiatives and Inter football club, which covered all other travelling and accommodation costs.

“The extremely difficult health, family and social conditions in which thousands of children live in Luanda and throughout Angola would need a huge number of initiatives such as those described above”, underscored Ambassador Mistretta. “However, the success of these initiatives, the optimum level of coordination between the various public and private structures involved and the great sensitivity shown at all levels, have encouraged us to seek to achieve similar initiatives in the future too. They are an important demonstration of Italian solidarity towards Angola, a spirit of which the Angolan authorities are well aware and hugely appreciative”.



Italy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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