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Darfur / UNAMID Daily Media Brief




Darfur / UNAMID Daily Media Brief



EL FASHER (DARFUR), Sudan, August 9, 2010/African Press Organization (APO)/ — UNAMID Daily Media Brief / 2010-08-08

Security situation update
General security conditions remain unstable in Kalma Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in South Darfur, following nearly a week of unrest over IDP participation in the Doha peace negotiations. UNAMID Force Commander (FC) Lt. Gen. Patrick Nyamvumba led an assessment mission to Kalma camp yesterday. The FC later issued a number of new directives to the Mission’s troops on the conduct of night patrols and authorized the establishment of three additional patrol bases to improve coverage of the camp.

In addition, an assessment of UNAMID security reports for the past month shows that the number of fatalities due to armed conflict and criminality in Darfur in July is estimated to be nearly 150, down from approximately 220 reported in the previous month.

Government/AU/UN Tripartite Mechanism meets in Khartoum
The first working-level meeting of the Government of the Sudan, African Union and the United Nations Tripartite Mechanism convened today in Khartoum.

Representing UNAMID was Deputy Joint Special Representative (DJSR) Mohamed Yonis. The Sudanese and AU delegations were led by the Ministry of Defense’s Director of International Cooperation Lt. Gen. Magzoub Rahma and AU senior political officer Boitshoko Mokgatlhe, respectively.

The delegates discussed progress made in the implementation of a number of initiatives relating to UNAMID’s deployment and operations, which were brought up at the previous Tripartite, held on 10 May 2010 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The next meeting on a strategic level is scheduled to be held in New York in September.

Force Commander Nyamvumba casts ballot in Rwandan elections
UNAMID Force Commander Lt. Gen. Patrick Nyamvumba of Rwanda today travelled to Khartoum from Nyala, South Darfur, to vote in his country’s presidential elections.

A voting center at the Rwandan embassy was set up for one day to give Rwandan expatriates, most of whom work with UNAMID, UNMIS and other aid agencies, a chance to determine their country’s leader.

Rwanda is the Mission’s second largest troop contributing country, after Nigeria, and has provided more than 3,300 military and police peacekeepers to serve in Darfur.

Five-day campaign against domestic violence in West Darfur
Today marks the conclusion of a five-day campaign against domestic violence in West Darfur targeted at IDPs and uniformed Government personnel, organized by UNAMID.

The initiative began on 4 July in El Geneina, where the Mission arranged a discussion between 40 government police officers in the definition, types and causes and consequences of domestic violence. Participants also debated strategies to combat it. The campaign reached a number of IDP camps in West Darfur, where residents took part in role-playing activities and quiz games to facilitate dialogue on a subject considered taboo for many in the region.

UNAMID, civil societies disseminate Doha outcomes
Preparations are underway for a series of workshops aimed at circulating information on the outcomes from the previous round of negotiations at the Doha peace process to communities throughout Darfur.

Civil society committees in each state, with the support of UNAMID, are organizing a number of programs aimed at educating the public about the process and the results of each round of talks.

In North Darfur, a program has been drafted which comprises a month of workshops in all sixteen of the state’s localities starting on 20 August. The information is also to be broadcast via state radio stations. Similar projects are scheduled for South and West Darfur.

UNAMID patrols
UNAMID military forces conducted 73 patrols including routine, short-range, long-range, night and humanitarian escort patrols covering 59 villages and IDP camps.

UNAMID police advisors conducted 138 patrols in villages and IDP camps.


United Nations – African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID)


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