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Pretoria name dispute results in arrest of AfriForum Youth members




Pretoria name dispute results in arrest of AfriForum Youth members



PRETORIA, South Africa, July 9, 2010/African Press Organization (APO)/ — AfriForum has expressed its disgust with the fact that two of AfriForum Youth’s members, Ernst Roets and James Kemp, were arrested by the police this morning while they were busy putting up a sign as part of a peaceful protest action to welcome foreign visitors to Pretoria.  This action followed in response to the Tshwane Metro Council’s continued efforts to mislead foreign visitors into believing that the name of the capital is Tshwane.


During this peaceful protest action of AfriForum Youth, no property or persons were damaged, harmed or endangered.


AfriForum supports its youth members and immediately instructed its legal team to go to the assistance of Roets and Kemp.  After negotiations, the youth members were released and fined.  AfriForum will pay all fines and legal fees.


Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, said that it is a disgrace that law enforcement is being abused to perpetuate the lie that the city’s name is Tshwane.  “If someone deserves to be prosecuted, it is the leadership of the Tshwane Metro who, in spite of numerous court rulings against them, continues pretending that the city’s name is Tshwane.  This selective application of the law undermines the principle of equality in the eyes of the law,” Kriel added.


AfriForum and AfriForum Youth will continue ensuring that the fair solution for the Pretoria name dispute, namely that the name of the city is Pretoria and that of the municipality, Tshwane, is maintained.





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