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Sudan / Prior censorship makes a comeback





Sudan / Prior censorship makes a comeback



KARTHOUM, Sudan, June 8, 2010/African Press Organization (APO)/ — The editor of the Sudanese daily Ajras al-Huriya yesterday decided to suspend publication of the newspaper for one week in protest against the imposition of official censorship.

The previous evening Sudanese security forces raided the premises of Ajras al-Huriya and those of several other papers, including Arabic-language opposition weekly, al-Midan, and seized a number of copies.

“We condemn the seizure of these publications by the Sudanese authorities”, Reporters Without Borders said. “The seizures on 5 June confirm a return to prior censorship of the Sudanese written press, following the first signs of renewal of the practice in mid-May.”

“It amounts to an extremely serious setback for press freedom in this country. We offer our full support to these newspapers which are going through a difficult period. We hope that they will be able to express themselves freely when they resume publication.” 

Ajras al-Huriya had on 6 June been prevented from appearing for the third consecutive day.

Other newspapers have received telephone calls telling them they did not have the right to cover some sensitive issues, such as the International Criminal Court or the doctors’ strike, under threat of being censored.



Reporters without Borders (RSF)


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