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Côte d’Ivoire / The people of Beoua commit to promoting a peaceful electoral environment





Côte d’Ivoire / The people of Beoua commit to promoting a peaceful electoral environment



ABIDJAN, Côte d’Ivoire, May 27, 2010/African Press Organization (APO)/ — The United Nations Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI), on 25 May 2010, organized a sensitization day for a peaceful electoral environment in Beoua, 548 km northwest of Abidjan. The session was part of the Mission’s sensitization campaign aimed at small communities, known as UNOCI Tour, which was launched one year ago, and visits towns and villages throughout Côte d’Ivoire to directly exchange views with the population.


Speaking at the event, Rodrigue Voltaire Bangara of the UN Mission’s Electoral Assistance Division, after explaining his section’s mandate which consists of technical, legal and logistical support to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), called on the population to hold democratic elections, while respecting the political choice of everyone.


For her part, Flora Edwige Touali of the Human Rights Division encouraged the population to avoid violence against women and girls. She outlined the vulnerability of children and asked the population to send girls as well as boys to school in order to avoid early marriage.


Inza Dosso of the Civil Affairs Section explained that his office’s mission was to promote social cohesion, help to reinstate the State’s authority throughout the country and implement Quick Impact Projects (QIPs), which are intended to provide support to villagers. He also urged the population to promote social cohesion among themselves.


Pierre Aby of the Public Information Office explained that since the Ouagadougou Political Agreement (OPA) was signed, supporting the electoral process and certifying the elections have been part of UNOCI’s mandate. Mr. Aby also urged the population to respect people’s political choice and stressed the need to live together, which, he said, was the foundation of any nation.



Mission of UN in Côte d’Ivoire


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