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Seychelles president meets with FAO Director General





Seychelles president meets with FAO Director General



ROME, Italy, November 18, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Following his address at the opening of the FAO World Food Summit in Rome, President James Michel met with the Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Mr. Jacques Diouf to discuss the Seychelles past and current food security concerns.


President Michel thanked Mr.Diouf for the support and strong partnership of the FAO in the last few years, particularly providing a tiemly response to Seychelles during the food crisis.




” We are very grateful to FAO for the rapidity in which they had responded to our call for support at the height of the global food crisis,” said President Michel.




President Michel spoke to Mr. Diouf about the inextricable link between food security and climate change, and asked him to continue helping Seychelles in capacity building in agriculture, such as training of farmers in adopting new farming techniques and technologies to improve productivity .




President Michel also made a request for FAO expertise in fisheries as well as other projects which will be submitted by Seychelles, including support for the modernization of farming in Seychelles.




“Seeds and fertilizers were delivered within a few months of our request, and agricultural fund for farmers was set up. The FAO support for our farmers was invaluable to us,” said President Michel.




The FAO allocated some USD 250,000 for the purchase of 50 tonnes of nitrophoska fertilizers, 25 tonnes of hydroponic grade fertilizers along with some 450kg of assorted hybrid vegetable seeds. The balance of USD37,000 will be used to source about 100 small electric water pumps. All the items are being sold to the farming community on a cost-recovery basis with a view to build funds into an existing agricultural fund.




The President noted that the FAO was instrumental in mobilizing resources for Seychelles following the 2004 tsunami.



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