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SEYPEC takes delivery of its green coastal tanker


SEYPEC takes delivery of its green coastal tanker


VICTORIA, Mahé, October 30, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — SEYPEC has taken delivery of its small coastal tanker the “MT Seychelles Paradise“. The tanker, which was launched on 14th August 2009, spent the last two months at the shipyard to have the main deck fitted on the hull. Sea trial was conducted last week with the Seychellois crew, senior SEYPEC Staff, who will work closely with the vessel, and suppliers of key components of the tanker. All the design parameters were met and even surpassed.


Seychelles Paradise” has been specially designed to be environmentally friendly with double hull, high manoeuvrability to ply our territorial waters and equipped with other features to ensure safe transport of oil products in our EEZ. The high manoeuvrability is achieved by specially designed twin rudders, propellers and powerful bow thruster, allowing it to rotate upon itself. The tanker will be used mainly for the transport of various oil products to SEYPEC’s depot on Eve Island, Praslin. LPG will be carried in specialised tanks fitted on the deck. The new depot will support the fast growing economy of Praslin and the other satellite islands. LPG cylinders will no longer be transported from Mahe to these islands as the Praslin depot will be equipped with its own LPG bottling plant.


The President has hailed the delivery of the Seychelles Paradise as “another milestone which marks Seychelles’ leadership both in the trade of petroleum products and in environmental protection”.


“We are proud to add the Seychelles Paradise to our fleet of world class tankers. It will operate much closer to home and will go a long way to improve the transportation of such products within our waters. We congratulate SEPYEC and all its staff on this achievement which is also symbolic of the spirit of innovation which is critical to our nation’s success”, the President added.


The vessel will also function as a bunker tanker for ship calling in Seychelles as well as a “training ship” for Seychellois cadets under the SEYPEC tanker training programme. It will not only be able to bunker large vessels that currently cannot berth at the New Port, but will also bunker smaller vessels offshore, reducing maritime traffic in the inner harbour.


Seychelles Paradise will leave Kiel, Germany, on Monday 2nd November, crewed by a team of Seychellois and two expatriates for its first international journey. The vessel is expected in Seychelles in December when she will start her domestic operations, crewed by a 100% Seychellois team.



Republic of Seychelles – Office of the President


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