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Uganda / IOM Director General Welcomes Convention on Internal Displacement in Africa




Uganda / IOM Director General Welcomes Convention on Internal Displacement in Africa



KAMPALA, Uganda, October 23, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — IOM Press Briefing Notes


IOM Director General William Swing has welcomed moves by the African Union (AU) to adopt a convention on the protection and assistance of internally displaced people (IDPs) in Africa during a special AU summit on refugees, returnees and IDPs ending today.

“The planned adoption of the convention by the AU heads of states and governments indicate their commitment and that of the African Union to find durable solutions to forced displacement on the continent. It shows that Africa is now taking a global lead in adopting a legally binding instrument on internal displacement,” Swing said, adding that the adoption of the convention would be a ground-breaking moment.

Forced displacement is a particularly pressing issue in Africa, often at the centre of development challenges as well as peace and stability on the continent.

Africa is also host to three of the largest IDP crises in the world in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia. Sudan alone has nearly five million internally displaced.

Nineteen countries across the continent host an estimated 11.8 million IDPs, according to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC). Although Africa still hosts almost a half of the world’s total number of IDPs, which stands at 26 million, the ratio of IDPs to the region’s total population has, however, fallen significantly.

The adoption of a convention that focuses on protecting and assisting internally displaced people in Africa is of particular interest to IOM, an organization that is heavily involved in the humanitarian response to internal displacement across the world, including Africa.

The Organization’s programmes across Africa since the 1970’s seek to promote and strengthen national and regional measures to prevent, mitigate or eliminate root causes of internal displacement as well as to contribute to providing durable solutions. This includes IDP and refugee voluntary resettlement, voluntary repatriation, reintegration, as well as emergency and post-crisis assistance.

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