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Third session of the African Union conference of ministers of sport (SCSA) / Theme: Africa’s chance through sport





Third session of the African Union conference of ministers of sport (SCSA) / Theme: Africa’s chance through sport



ABUJA, Nigeria, October 7, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Invitation to representatives of the media



WHEN                                    12-16 October 2009


                                                The Conference will be organized in three phases:

a) AU Member States’ Expert meeting from

12-14 October 2009


b) AU Ministerial Meeting from

15-16 October 2009


c)SCSA Executive Committee, and General Assembly Session

17-19 October 2009


WHERE                                 Abuja, Republic of Nigeria 


WHO                                      Department of Social Affairs of the African Union Commission (AUC), hosted by the Government of Nigeria



The African Union strives to achieve greater unity between the countries and people of Africa and to promote their economic and social Advancement. Sport can play a significant role in achieving this goal by being a social phenomenon within the cultural, social, economic and political lives of peoples of the continent. Africa has indeed made great contributions to the culture in which sport is practiced worldwide today, and a future Architecture for the continent’s sport should be envisioned in the absence of the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa. In addition, the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup event provides potential opportunities and for a legacy for sustainable development, as sport plays a meaningful role in promoting unity, solidarity, economic & social development. The mentioned FIFA World Cup event will also provide opportunity to reflect the intrinsic African values of integrity, dignity, tolerance, solidarity, generosity and respect for individuals.



The main/primary focus of the Third Session of the AU Conference of Ministers of Sport will be the future architecture for African sport in the absence of the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa. The 2010 FIFA World Cup and its potential opportunity and legacy for sustainable development in the continent will be also highlighted particularly. The implementation of the decisions of the Second Session will also be considered.


Expected outcomes:

      This Third Session of the AU Conference Ministers in Charge of Sport is expected to be as highly interactive and constructive as the previous two Sessions in view of the items to be discussed, and directives to be offered for future coordination and mainstreaming of issues related to sport in the service of social and economic development and integration, peace and security on the Continent, most importantly to see the possible strategies of benefiting from 2010 FIFA World Cup event.  


Participants will include:


Ministers of Sport and Experts /officials, from AU Member States, AU Commission, AU Organs, International and Continental Sport Organisations, International Organisations and Agencies and Regional Economic Communities.



The Second Session of the AU Conference of Ministers of Sport took place in Accra, Ghana, 10-14 October 2008, in accordance with June 2007 Decision of the AU Executive Council (EX/CL/353(XI)). The Conference adopted the following key decisions at its Second Session:


The SCSA to be dissolved and a report to be presented on the 3rd Session of the AU Conference of Ministers of Sport and on legal, financial and functional matters to secure smooth transition.

To implement the code on the relations between governments, national and international sport organizations.

To circulate the approved policy framework for sustainable development of sport in Africa to the AU Member States for the formulation and implementation of regional and national sport development policies.

To make sure that South Africa supported in the 2010 FIFA World Cup event and member states take full advantage of the promotional and socio-economic opportunity of the event.











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