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Darfur / UNAMID Daily Media Brief




Darfur / UNAMID Daily Media Brief



EL FASHER (DARFUR), Sudan, September 30, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — UNAMID Daily Media Brief / 2009-09-30

Security situation in Darfur
The security situation in Darfur is calm, but continues to be unpredictable.
In the last 24 hours, UNAMID military forces conducted 83 confidence-building patrols in 53 villages and internally displaced persons (IDP) camps. UNAMID police advisors conducted 124 patrols in the villages and IDP camps.

Acting JSR Briefs Pan-African Parliamentary Committee; calls for Darfurians to commit to peace
Acting Joint Special Representative, Henry K. Anyidoho has told the Pan-African Parliamentary Committee on Cooperation, International Relations and Conflict Resolution that the AU-UN Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) is working with all parties for the achievement of a political solution to the conflict.

Mr. Anyidoho emphasized that the Mission must continue to have a “healthy working relationship with the Government of Sudan, which started even during the deployment of the light and heavy support packages while the African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS) was transferring responsibility to UNAMID”. This cooperation was later strengthened within the tripartite mechanism, which comprises the Government of Sudan, the African Union and the United Nations, especially with regards to expediting the deployment of troops to Darfur, he said. Hopefully, such deployment should be almost completed by the end of 2009.

Furthermore, Mr. Anyidoho stated that, as a consequence, the security situation on the ground had improved significantly as compared to the beginning of the conflict in 2003 and 2004.

Addressing the issue of the indictment of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for war crimes by the International Criminal Court in March this year, the Acting JSR reiterated that the Court’s mandate and work were separate from that of UNAMID.

The Pan-African Parliament is meeting this week in Khartoum to discuss the latest developments of the Darfur conflict and possible solutions.

Also, Sudan TV on Tuesday highlighted a statement by Mr. Anyidoho calling for all parties to commit to reaching a peaceful solution to the conflict. It quoted him as saying that peace in Darfur can only be realized through efforts by Darfurians themselves.

First Egyptian formed police unit arrives in Darfur today
Egypt’s first formed police unit (FPU) to be deployed in UNAMID arrived today pushing the current number of FPUs in the Mission to 12 of an authorized total of nineteen. The 130 policemen will be based in El Fasher to increase the Mission’s patrol capacity in communities around the area, especially in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps to ensure the safety and security of civilians.

With today’s deployment, there are now 1,675 policemen in FPUs in the Mission, representing over 65 per cent of a total 2,660. Among other tasks, they presently conduct all-day patrols in 16 IDP camps in North, West and South Darfur.

Formed police units comprise police officers from an individual contingent who have expertise in crowd management and other related tactical operations. They are highly specialized and have a mobile rapid reaction capacity.

Meanwhile, as UNAMID Police Advisors continue to build capacity in communities around Darfur, they are conducting another community policing training workshop in the Al Salam IDP camp, just outside of El Fasher. Some 45 volunteers from the camps, including four women and seven youth, are participating in the activity, during which they will be trained in related techniques and standards. A similar workshop was held over the weekend in Duma IDP camp in Nyala, South Darfur, where 97 IDPs participated, including the Sheikh of sheikhs and 27 women.

Almost 50,000 persons are estimated to live in the Al Salam camp.


United Nations – African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID)


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