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AfriForum launches international campaign against Nestlé re Mugabe’s ‘blood milk’





AfriForum launches international campaign against Nestlé re Mugabe’s ‘blood milk’



PRETORIA, South Africa, September 30, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — The South African civil rights initiative, AfriForum, has launched an international campaign calling on people to boycott all Nestlé products, unless Nestlé decides by 7 October 2009 to stop buying milk from Grace Mugabe – wife of the Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe.


AfriForum has already created a website,, where the boycott action is announced.  The site includes photographs, video-clips and facts about the brutality with which the Mugabe regime represses the people of Zimbabwe.  A link is included by means of which people from all over the world can send messages of protest to the headquarters of Nestlé in Switzerland, as well as its offices in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  AfriForum has already sent letters to these offices regarding the campaign.


As part of the campaign, AfriForum will asks other human rights organisations all over the world also to put pressure on Nestlé.


According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, the milk produced by the dairy farm of Grace Mugabe, is “blood milk”.  Kriel emphasises that Mugabe and his inner circle have obtained their wealth by means of the violent repression of thousands of Zimbabweans.


“Nestlé’s purchase of approximately 1-million litres of milk per year from this farm, which had been “obtained” under questionable circumstances by Grace Mugabe, is a denial of the basic human rights of every Zimbabwean whose blood has been spilt, or is still being spilt at the hands of Mugabe’s brutal security forces and vigilante groups,” Kriel said.


In Kriel’s opinion, Nestlé owes the people of Zimbabwe an apology.



Kallie Kriel

CEO: AfriForum

+27 82 441 5073





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