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CASSOA and FAA conduct re-certification seminar for air operators in the region




CASSOA and FAA conduct re-certification seminar for air operators in the region



ARUSHA, Tanzania, June 29, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — The East African Community Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency (CASSOA) in collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States of America conducted a two-weeks seminar on the re-certification of key Air Operators from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda on 15 – 26 June 2009 at the CASSOA Headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania.


CASSOA initiated the re-certification process to assist the Partner States Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) in August 2008 by convening a pre-application meeting of the airlines. However, subsequently it was realized that the airlines required a seminar to guide them in developing acceptable regulatory documents and manuals.


The seminar attracted over 45 stakeholders comprising members of the re-certification teams fom Partner States’ Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), Air Operators’ representatives from Kenya Airways, Precision Air and Air Uganda.


In accordance with the rotational system established by the CASSOA Board of Directors during its 4th meeting, the Chief Airworthiness Inspector of Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Makhiid Towillo chaired the sensitization seminar, while the Airworthiness Inspector of the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda, Mr. Francis Wanyama, was the Rapporteur.


Re-certification is the process where an Air Operator has to be certified anew after fulfilling the requirements of the new harmonized EAC Civil Aviations Regulations. It is a 5-Phase process including; Pre-application, where the Air Operator informs the relative CAA of the intent of wishing to be re-certified as per the new harmonized Regulations; Formal Application, where the Air Operator formally submits the application seeking to be re-certified; Document Evaluation, where the Air Operator’s documents and Manuals are evaluated by the CAA for compliance with the harmonized Regulations and guidance materials; Demonstration, where the Air Operator demonstrates to the Regulatory Authority his/her practical compliance with the new Regulations; and lastly Certification, the Certification of the Air Operator after a successful demonstration exercise.


During the seminar, the Executive Director of CASSOA, Mr. Mtesigwa Maugo briefed the delegates about CASSOA and the re-certification process, emphasizing that the Document Evaluation phase was the hardest and longest of the 5-Phase Certification process. He further said that the submitted Air Operators’ documents and manuals would be used during the seminar as a reference to provide respective guidance to the Operator on the development and amendment of their manuals.

The seminar was divided into three sessions dedicated for each Air Operator. Each seminar session was facilitated by the respective airline CAA Certification Team members headed by its Certification Project Manager (CPM).


The CASSOA Technical Coordinator, Mr. Robert Mwesigwa Nviiri, said that in the current re-certification programme, Kenya Airways was to be the first followed by Precision Air, and lastly Air Uganda. He said during the session of Air Uganda, representatives from Rwanda Air Express attended as observers. This gave them an opportunity to get a feel of the re-certification process before they themselves could be re-certified. He said the Certification Project Managers (CPM) from the respective CAA of the State whose airlines’ documents and manuals were being evaluated chaired the Document Evaluation session. During the seminar, specific shortcomings were identified and the Operators committed to rectifying the same by 31 July 2009.


The seminar, among others, tasked the CASSOA Secretariat to prepare a Background paper to the CASSOA Board recommending measures to be taken in order to implement the provision of the harmonized Regulations providing uninterrupted access to the cockpit of an aircraft during flight operations for the purposes of routine random inspection.


The respective participating members of the airlines appreciated CASSOA’s efforts to organize and conduct such seminars and asserted that they are now more focused in developing and completing all the regulatory manuals and documents required for approval by the civil aviation certification teams.


The participating airlines committed to submit their manuals and documentations to the respective Civil Aviation Certification Teams latest by 31st July 2009 for evaluation and approval.


The next technical assistance visit by the US Federal Aviation Administration will be at the end of September 2009 and will be done in each participating CAA Headquarters.  It is expected that the document evaluation phase for the three airlines will be closed during this period and thereafter the demonstration phase to begin.



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