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CTA Brussels Newsletter / Main events in the w




CTA Brussels Newsletter / Main events in the week


BRUSSELS, Kingdom of Belgium, May 29, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Main events in the week


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1. Main ACP-EU events for next week (1st – 7 June)

2. Joint ACP-EU Council

3. EESC’s Fair Trade proposals taken on board by EC

4. Patents: unified patent litigation system

5. EESC call for reform of fisheries policy control system

6. Access to sustainable energy sources at local level

7. Supporting disaster risk reduction in developing countries

8. West African Trade Ministers yet to agree on EPAs

9. ‘It’s a rich man’s world’

10. EU, agreement is still far on organic fishery regulation

11. EU could send police mission to Somalia

12. EU quota talks start – seven months early

13. EU NAVFOR – Atalant Frigate hands over pirates

14. New challenges for the Caribbean

15. EU negotiates the UN strategy for sustainable development

16. Africa Day: strengthen the EU-Africa Partnership

17. Global crisis: perspectives from Africa

18. Research priority setting for international cooperation

19. ECOWAS: the challenges of the EPAs negotiations

20. Proposals to set EU development aid on a new footing

21. 22 May 2009, World Biodiversity Day

22. Zambia gets donor funds for economy, AIDS

23. Over 30 years of EU-Uganda partnership

24. CARIFORUM–EU EPA: the development component

25. Environmental impact of agrifood sector

26. EU rural development policies and biodiversity

27. EU to launch European Algae Biomass Association

28. No agreement on food labelling system

29. Few ‘new’ EU members applying for research funds

30. EFSA doubles output and expands scientific cooperation

31. Some news from CTA



Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA)


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