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CTA Brussels Newsletter / Main events in the week




CTA Brussels Newsletter / Main events in the week



BRUSSELS, Kingdom of Belgium, April 24, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Main events in the week


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1. Main ACP-EU events for next week (27 April – 3 May)

2. Briefing “Fighting against IUU fishing: Impacts and challenges for ACP countries”

3. Helping developing countries during the financial crisis

4. Debate on the European Common Fisheries Policy

5. EU strategy to become a leader in high-risk IT research

6. New issue of “Partnership”, CDE’s electronic newsletter

7. EC publishes 2008 report on the agricultural situation in EU

8. The WTO and the Cotton Initiative

9. European dairy policy: proposals for a way out of the crisis

10. Ghana to re-engage EU on trade pact

11. EU ministers offer ‘co-leadership’ on climate

12. European Union pushes trade deal on Africa

13. Germany joins ranks of anti-GMO countries

14. EU advised to develop coherent policy on Africa

15. Tuna wiped out by 2012, if overfishing is not stopped

16. Redefining fisheries governance

17. Food crisis in Kenya

18. Climate change: what is the EP doing about it?

19. Belgium and FAO link to help African farmers

20. Some news from CTA



Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA)



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