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Cape Verde / Diaspora Train Professionals in Key Sectors Back Home



Cape Verde / Diaspora Train Professionals in Key Sectors Back Home



PRAIA, Cape Verde, April 21, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — IOM Press Briefing Notes

  • An IOM supported programme aimed at strengthening the competencies and skills of professionals in Cape Verde has begun a new phase with members of the country’s diaspora returning home temporarily to train staff in their respective professional sectors.

    The programme, promoted by the Instituto das Comunidades de Cabo Verde, involves diaspora professionals residing in the Netherlands, Italy and Portugal in efforts to build and strengthen key development sectors in Cape Verde such as health, education, tourism and infrastructure.

    With the government committed to developing human resources as part of its National Development Plan, and to ensure sustainability, the programme is focusing on passing on skills and knowledge through training rather than short-term job assignments.

    Demand to participate in the programme among the diaspora in the three European countries has been high. More than 100 mostly young professionals have already registered their profile and applied online for published vacancies on, a dynamic and interactive interface between Cape Verde and its diaspora, although programme funding means only 30 training missions will be possible.

    Ten diaspora professionals each from Italy, Netherlands and Portugal are being chosen, with two people having already begun their training missions at the main hospital in Mindelo on São Vicente island and at the Institute of Civil Engineering in Praia, on the island of Santiago.

    Their respective aims are to enhance the managerial and leadership skills at the hospital among nursing and administrative staff and to help build motivation, a corporate culture and a career path structure and to pass on knowledge of applied information technology.

    The remaining missions in the programme which is funded by the European Commission and the Portuguese Cooperation Institute, will be carried out in the coming months.


  • International Office of Migration (IOM)


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