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MINURCAT mourns the victims of recent events in Abeche



MINURCAT mourns the victims of recent events in Abeche


NDJAMENA, Chad, April 8, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — MINURCAT witnessed with dismay, the recent tragic events of 7 April at the Abeche military camp in eastern Chad.  A French soldier of the EUFOR military operation killed two of his cohorts as well as a Togolese UN peacekeeper for reasons yet to be determined. The Togolese peacekeeper was on duty protecting the Camp where the UN peacekeeping force MINURCAT, is co-located with the remaining EUFOR elements until their complete withdrawal from the area of operations.

The United Nations Mission in Chad is actively participating, in close collaboration with Chadian authorities and EUFOR, in chasing the murderer and securing the zone.

MINURCAT reiterates its full confidence in EUFOR and assures it of its sympathy and compassion during these difficult times.

MINURCAT conveys its sincere condolences to the families, friends and companions in arms of the deceased soldiers.

SOURCE : Mission de l’ONU en République Centrafricaine et au Tchad (MINURCAT)



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