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Sudan / ICC Warrant for the arrest of the Sudanese President



Sudan / ICC Warrant for the arrest of the Sudanese President


PARIS, France, March 5, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — French ministry of Foreign Affairs Daily Press Briefing


Taken questions

Should the ICC issue a warrant for the arrest of the Sudanese President, will execution of this decision take precedence over the immunity accorded by French law to acting heads of state? Do you think that the arrest warrant for President al-Bashir will help to resolve the crisis in Darfur?


All states party to the Rome Statute are obligated to implement ICC decisions.


Concerning your second question, let me remind you of our unchanged

position: the fight against impunity is inextricably linked to the quest for peace in Darfur./.





SOURCE : France – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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