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Algeria / USA



Algeria / USA


WASHINGTON, January 30, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — US Department of State Daily Press Briefing

Robert Wood Acting Spokesman

Taken questions


QUESTION: This is about the investigation of the CIA station chief in Algeria. Can you talk about the role of Diplomatic Security investigating the case, and whether it was the Ambassador Pearce who sent this gentleman home?

MR. WOOD: Elise, I’m not going to get into the details for obvious reasons with regard to this incident, but we – again, we take very seriously, as I mentioned in a statement yesterday, accusations of any type of misconduct on the part of U.S. personnel abroad. And, you know, as I – as we noted, the individual in question has returned to Washington and appropriate U.S. Government officials are looking into the matter. But, you know, for any other details about —

QUESTION: Well, why can’t you say what – why can’t you say whether DS has a role? I mean, there is a sworn affidavit by several DS agents – they’ve been investigating the case.

MR. WOOD: What I would do is refer you to the Department of Justice for the details of any type of follow-up investigation with regard to this case.

QUESTION: But I mean, if this building is involved in the investigation, you should be able to say that.

MR. WOOD: I’ve given you all I’m going to give you on this.

QUESTION: But can you at least say – I mean, what kind of consequences do you think this will have – or impact – in the Muslim world? I mean, the gentleman is accused of raping Muslim women, and the President himself has made a special effort to kind of reach out to the Muslim world to say that the U.S. has repaired – wants to repair relations.

MR. WOOD: Well, Elise, I really can’t go any further. I mean, we’re obviously – any time you have, you know, these types of – this type of – these accusations of misconduct on the part of any U.S. official serving abroad, that’s of great concern. But, you know, because this is a legal matter, I don’t want to go beyond what I’ve said. And I would just have to refer you to the Department of Justice for any further details on that.

QUESTION: Is there any kind of cooperation with the Algerian government on this – on this issue?

MR. WOOD: I really don’t want to get into any more specifics than what I’ve said.



SOURCE : US Department of State


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