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Ethiopia / UNAMID DAILY MEDIA BRIEF, 2009-01-20



Ethiopia / UNAMID DAILY MEDIA BRIEF, 2009-01-20


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, January 20, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — UNAMID DAILY MEDIA BRIEF, 2009-01-20

UNAMID meeting with Troop Contributing Countries in Addis Ababa

Following the Tripartite Mechanism meeting held between the African Union, United Nations and Government of Sudan officials, in Addis Ababa, UNAMID Force Commander, General Martin Luther Agwai and Police Commissioner Michael Fryer held a meeting with representatives of the troop contributing countries (TCCs).


The meeting briefed the TCCs on latest developments in UNAMID including status of deployment, highlighting the achievements made and challenges encountered.


General Agwai commended the troop contributing countries for their continued commitment and support they have provided despite UNAMID challenges.


South Darfur women’s groups submit protest memo to UNAMID regarding possible indictment of Sudanese President by International Criminal Court

The State Women’s Association in South Darfur held a peaceful rally in front of UNAMID’s sector headquarters in Nyala yesterday. Representatives of various South Darfur political and social associations and organizations delivered a letter of petition to UNAMID Acting Head-of-Office, Mr. Marcel Akpovo, in which they deplored the possibility that the International Criminal Court (ICC) may indict President Omar Hassan al-Bashir.


The protesters stressed their rejection of this potential development and what they called false allegations against the President, warning that these allegations would lead to new war and clashes in Darfur. The State Women’s Association reiterated the fairness and justice of the Sudanese judicial system, noting it derives its provisions from the Quran and the Sunna.


The members of the State Women’s Association reiterated their commitment to the Darfur Peace Agreement reached in Abuja, Nigeria, in May 2006, pointing out that they reject the surrendering of any Sudanese citizen and stand by the nation’s sovereignty.


Addressing the demonstrators, Mr. Akpovo said that women’s associations will continue to play an important role in the peace process in Darfur. He reiterated UNAMID’s commitment to assist Darfurians in achieving peace, in accordance with the mandate of the mission. He also reaffirmed the importance of UNAMID working hand in hand with the people of Darfur, including women, to attain that objective.



SOURCE : United Nations – African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID)


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