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Fight against Piracy in the Gulf of Aden



Fight against Piracy in the Gulf of Aden


MOGADISHU, Somalia, January 5, 2009/African Press Organization (APO)/ — French ministry of Foreign Affairs Daily Press Briefing



In the last 48 hours, the international maritime force off the coast of Somalia thwarted two piracy attempts. One, against a Panamanian cargo ship, was foiled by the French Navy; the other, a Greek ship, nearly fell victim to an act of piracy this morning and was protected by Operation Atalanta, the European naval operation


These two operations demonstrate France’s determination, and that of its European partners in Operation Atalanta and other powers with maritime forces in the area, to relentlessly fight piracy. They show that the international mobilization is bearing fruit. We will continue our efforts to restore security in the Gulf of Aden and, more broadly, in the northwestern Indian Ocean. France, the EU and the entire international community, which demonstrated its unity on this subject in the Security Council, are resolved to give no impunity to pirates.


Discussions are under way with the Somali authorities to examine the possibility of turning over to them the eight pirates currently being held on the French military vessel.


Do you have any details on the Atalanta operation this morning? I mean arrests, the type of vessels and their locations?


We are currently verifying the information received from the Greek Merchant Marine Ministry.


An initial attempt took place at 7:50 GMT against a Greek oil tanker.

It alerted the Greek ministry which itself alerted the forces of the European naval operation, which dispatched an aircraft, a helicopter and a frigate. The pirates then moved away from the vessel. That’s what we know at this point.

Were there French vessels?


I don’t think French ships or aircraft intervened. On the other hand, a French ship intervened last Thursday during an attack on the cargo ship Venus.



SOURCE : France – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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