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Zimbabwe / France / Total condemnation of Mr. Mugabe’s remarks




Zimbabwe / France / Total condemnation of Mr. Mugabe’s remarks



HARARE, Zimbabwe, December 24, 2008/African Press Organization (APO)/ — French ministry of Foreign Affairs Daily Press Briefing

Taken questions



It is surprising to hear an African leader, in this case, Mr. Mugabe, say that his people as well as the country belong to him. In our concept of humanity, no people belongs to its leaders. We are extremely surprised to hear Mr. Mugabe make this statement.


We would like to recall this obvious fact and repeat to Mr. Mugabe that, since he seems to be concerned by his country and his people, it would be important for the response to cholera to be an effective one, open to international cooperation. It would also be important for him to respond to the question of the five million people in Zimbabwe whose food situation, according to the UN report, is very precarious, even though Zimbabwe is known as an extremely rich country, or rather was before Mr. Mugabe put his country into the situation we see today.

It would be helpful for him to take care of his people—not in the sense of a people belonging to him, but a people toward whom he has responsibilities.


Q – Are you satisfied with noting France’s surprise, or is this a total condemnation?


It is surprising—in the etymological sense—for a leader to make such remarks. It’s obviously a total condemnation of this type of remark, especially given the way the Zimbabwean authorities are responding to the cholera crisis and the threats of famine. Let me remind you that Mr. Mugabe’s administration actually claimed a few days ago that the cholera epidemic was halted and terminated, which is contrary to reality. And when you know what Zimbabwe was like a few years ago, seeing five million people, according to the UN report, in a precarious food situation can only elicit our indignation.




SOURCE : France – Ministry of Foreign Affairs



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