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Guinea / More democratic governance in Guinea expected



Guinea / More democratic governance in Guinea expected


CONAKRY, Guinea, December 24, 2008/African Press Organization (APO)/ — US Department of State Daily Press Briefing
Sean McCormack, Spokesman

Taken questions


QUESTION: Do you have any reading on what’s going on in Guinea and how the government feels (inaudible)?

MR. MCCORMACK: Yeah. Well, we’re trying to – the short answer is we’re trying to get a solid read exactly on what the political situation is there. I would start off by expressing our condolences on the passing of President Lansana Conte. Right now, the situation appears fluid. There are a lot of reports about the military moving in staging a coup. There are other reports that the government is still in charge. Our people on the ground report that the situation in Conakry is relatively peaceful, but again it remains a fluid situation.

We’ve put out a Warden Message which I can make available to you afterwards. It’s also publicly available on the website of the Embassy. But what we want to see is the transition to a more democratic governing structure for the people of Guinea. We are prepared to work with them on that. But at the moment, we need to be able to get a better handle on exactly what the political situation is. Suffice it to say, we want it to trend and move immediately into a process that leads to a transition to democratic – more democratic governance in Guinea.



SOURCE : US Department of State



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